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My ex-girlfriend left me about a month ago and I don't understand a few things. I realize we lived together and I had an awful lot of problems with her kids and according to her that's ultimately why she left. She said it just wasn't going to work. That I'm too hard on her kids. She also said she needs to find herself, needs to find out who she really is. What is this supposed to mean? She also said it took her a long time to realize that she didn't love me in a relationship way but more in a friendship way. She says she does want to be friends. What I'm wondering is: Does she really want to be friends? Or is this just her way of letting me down easy? She left after a problem I had with one of her kids. So did she really leave that quickly because her kids come first? She left without showing any emotion at all, like a stone, and seems to have her head held high like nothing happened and I meant absolutely nothing. So did she leave because of the situation I had with one of her kids that night? Or was this just an easy excuse for her to leave because she's interested in someone else or has feelings for someone else? Or does she maybe not want to be in a relationship because she can't concentrate on a relationship and her kids at the same time?


Maybe some of you divorced women with kids, or single women with kids that have had relationship problems because of your kids could help explain some of this.

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In no divorced or single woman with kids, but I'll take a stab at this. It's really hard to determine exactly why she left. It could be a number of reasons. Maybe she wants to be single and this was an excuse to get away from a relationship. Maybe her feelings really did change and she only feels frienship towards you. However, it sounds more like it had something to do with her kids. It's different for everyone, but most put their kids first. Maybe one of her kids said something to her, as in they werent happy with you or they didnt like you, and she decided to put their wishes above her own?

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I remember your post. She left because she lost interest in you and wants to date other people, the fight is an excuse. She only wants to be friends so she can ease her guilt about dumping you. She shut off like a switch emotionally b/c she never truly cared about you and is happy to move on. Do No Contact and move on. It's a dead issue.

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