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hey, I'm here because like most people my age, I'm a bit worried about how tall I am. Is there a way to tell, or improve how tall I may turn out? I checked on google, only on .gov sites for about an hour before giving up. I'm wondering if any of you know how it is possible to tell how tall you will end up being, or how to improve on my height. Currently I am 5'8" average. But I'm confused because My father stood 6'4", while my mother stood at 5'6". According to my teacher, who told me a number of years ago that the rule was take the average of you mothers height and you fathers height and add five inches. {oh yeah, I would like to add that I didn't ask when she said this, it was health class =p} that would put me at 6'4" the same as my father. Now, does anyone know when an average person stops growing? I am 16 currently and don't know what a likely height is. Any info would be nice, thanks.

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I would discount what your teacher said about averaging your parents height. Its about your nutrition and your genetic make up. Obviously you dont know the genetic make up of your parents but you know that one is 6'5 while the other is 5'6. I would say that its possible that you will grow taller. If you have had your major growth spurt then you wont grow too much taller. If you want some professional advice then you can consult a physican and they will X-ray you to determine if your growth plates have closed and thtey can estimate how tall you will be.

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Hey, 5'8', nice height for a 16 year old. One of my closest friends son is 16 and is 6'1. You should stop growing around 17/18. Your height is certainly by no means too tall. Be proud to be tall, 6'4 would be a lovely height.

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you can tell really by your current shoe size, if your wearing 11 or 12's at 5'8 , chances are you'll definatley be over 6 ft in the future. Also, take a look at your hands. Short guys usually have a smaller hand than tall guys, like in a glove size. If you have a larger hand at 5'8 you'll probably be over 6'ft also. goodluck

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