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Once you start feeling emotions, does it mean the hope is gone?

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My boyfriend broke with me nearly 2 months ago. At first I was shocked then numb. I still clung to hope that he will come back and it was just temporary. I was okay for the first month and half until now it's starting to sink in and I'm starting to feel the loss. And I find myself feeling sad and  crying for the last few days. does this mean the hope is gone I'm ready to let go?

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11 minutes ago, MrsWise said:

. does this mean the hope is gone I'm ready to let go?

Yes. It seems like you are in the "acceptance" stage of healing and that's a good sign. Hoping they come back is usually denial and you're past that. 

Continue no contact, delete and block him and all his people from ALL your social media and messaging apps.

Reconnect with friends, family, interests and hobbies. Join some groups and clubs, volunteer, get involved in sports and fitness, take some classes and courses.

Broaden your social horizons to make new friends and have fun staying busy and rebuilding your life.

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If you're still crying and sad,  many times you're still clinging to a nugget of hope and haven't quite let go yet.

I can't speak for you but personally,  in my mind,  when the tears stop and you've had time to think analytically,  this is the time when it's actually beneficial to admit wasted,  senseless hope and truly let go with finality.  Resolve envelopes you and you become so strong that you can no longer relate to your previous weak self.  It's a positive sign that a new mindset will carry you and you'll never feel defeated.  It's hard to explain.  It's a process.  It takes time but you'll get there.  Be patient.  The light will turn on in your brain and you'll realize you're a lot smarter,  resilient,  stronger and tougher than you thought you were.  👍

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1 hour ago, MrsWise said:

... does this mean the hope is gone I'm ready to let go?

I'm not one for purging hope, but I'm all for allowing it to shoot to a back burner while moving your focus onto building a new and happy life, including new goals and exploration of new interests.

If the ex ever offers a valid reason to recharge hope, you can always do that. But don't cling to hope as a way of delaying or harming your development of a beautiful future. You deserve that, and your ex should not be allowed the power to deprive you of it.

Head high.

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