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That weird hip thrusting thing my crush did (please respond)


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I remember when I was at his mom's house and we were making out and it got intense... He was getting into it, like the door was open so he just put a blanket over us before we started making out,. By Then I was 13 in 7th grade and since he was in 8th I think either 15 or 16, anyway he was doing this weird thrusting movement not even on me , it was a weird position we were in, like we were lying facing each other, his leg was on top of mine. I mean it was really hot, I mean if you saw it in person it wouldn't sound bad, but like that was the first time he actually was getting into it alot, I mean he did that weird hip thrusting thing when we first maked out so idk what he wanted to happen.


He had clothes on ofc, it was like what a guy would do if he was having sex or dry humping a girl except he did neither of that,if a guy does that does that mean he's pretending to have sex?? Are body's were apart in the position enough for him to do whatever the ***k that weird hip thing he did was... Do you think he was trying to give me a hint that he wanted to dry hump me?

It looked like this: spacer.png


The leg part in this picture is correct except my legs were straight and so we're his, he was facing right and I was facing left.

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7 minutes ago, boltnrun said:

I know someone who's mother gave birth to him when she was 13. Her life was basically diapers and feedings from then on.

Please be careful 

BTW, he probably was excited and that's why he was doing what he did.

Kind of reminds me of how dogs try to hump your leg. They don’t need to make contact, everyone knows exactly what they are thinking.

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