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Please help me, feel so lost.

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1 minute ago, Jibralta said:

It's not jumping on a bandwagon. It's a normal process of elimination based on the kind of information you've supplied.

You're more focused on the success of the other woman being part of his life than you are on the specific issues that would be the only possible stepping stones to a successful restoration of marriage and family (e.g., his promises to do better, and his admission of fault).

Maybe you are not actually the other woman. But your laser focus certainly lends credence to the theory that you are. 

What is wrong with people on here. I’m not focussed on her success at all. I’m not going to discuss the ins and outs of our conversation on what he said/didn’t say as that is personal to us and our marriage. 

He said ‘we aren’t speaking’ so obviously I’m upset that he still has her number if they aren’t speaking. That’s why I’m on here, to figure out why someone would keep that number, if they never had any intention of speaking to them again. 

the way I have been accused has been vile. I have set some users to ‘ignore’ but it’s too late, it’s already upset me. 

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