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  1. What is wrong with people on here. I’m not focussed on her success at all. I’m not going to discuss the ins and outs of our conversation on what he said/didn’t say as that is personal to us and our marriage. He said ‘we aren’t speaking’ so obviously I’m upset that he still has her number if they aren’t speaking. That’s why I’m on here, to figure out why someone would keep that number, if they never had any intention of speaking to them again. the way I have been accused has been vile. I have set some users to ‘ignore’ but it’s too late, it’s already upset me.
  2. Oh here we go, jumping on a bandwagon. By nature I am an extremely private person, so coming on a forum was a huge step. Don’t you ever, question my priorities as a mother. Not only did I have this conversation outside of my house in any sort of fear that my children would pick up on their parents arguing, I then called my mum to see she could take them out for abit. as for being a wife - I want my family to work. It cannot work with her number in his phone. or am I supposed to be ok as long as they ‘aren’t speaking it can stay? what vile comments, just because I don’t tell you every single detail of my relationship.
  3. The conversation was abit of a blur to be honest. i asked him why he still had her number. He said ‘I deleted it, she must have realised she was no longer in my contacts because of my WhatsApp settings (don’t know much about WhatsApp so unsure what this meant), she reached out upset, so I put her number back in my phone. I have no intention of speaking to her again. that last part is the main reason I came on here. Because to me, if you have no intention of speaking to someone again, you’d delete the number.
  4. He said he’s sorry and that he loves me. YET he still has her number.
  5. Sorry, did you seriously accuse me of being the other woman, just because I haven’t posted in for about MY husband? What do you want to know? That he had electric therapy at age 6 due to trauma from his parents being divorced, that he sticks his head in the sand about our problems, that he suffers from fight or flight syndrome and can be silent for days? I don’t post this because they are extremely personal and as angry as I am with him, not things I’m going to go into.
  6. Of course I mentioned my children. They are MY children. saying that I haven’t considered them is pretty disgusting. Perhaps you should consider other people’s feelings before posting. I have been discreet.
  7. Thank you for sharing your story and your kind words. Hope everything is ok with you now
  8. Yes you can. You aren’t in there forever. Also, he could have blocked her and he didn’t. If you delete a contact in your address book it doesn’t automatically delete from WhatsApp. I didn’t look to see if he had her in address book but that shouldn’t matter. She is there. Through choice.
  9. He told me she messaged upset and that he put her number back in his phone and they haven’t spoken since. Which again, makes no sense as everyone on here has said why would you keep a number you aren’t going to use/intend on using.
  10. Thought you were leaving, you are so rude.
  11. He did delete it. But she got upset at him for deleting her so he re entered her number.
  12. I’m going to leave this page, because some of the comments here have been disgusting. thank you to those who have said some hard things for me to hear, but have said it in a nice way( inc you boltnrun) As for the rest of you, I hope when you need help, people aren’t unkind to you the way you were.
  13. I agree with what you’re saying but do you even think he wanted to delete her in the first place? She was obviously easily re entered when he could have just stood his ground and said look it’s done
  14. Do you think he even wanted to delete her in the first place? If all it took was her getting upset for her to be put back in?
  15. I don’t know. I asked him why he kept her number. he said ‘ had deleted her, but then she reached out upset that she had been deleted (she knew because his profile photo disappeared), so I re entered her number’
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