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Girls that don't like to kiss


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That's not quite what I said, though. What I said was:


I'm in a small, rural area, so there are very slim pickings of single women! And no offense to anyone, but I'm a muscular, fit guy, and the few women I've met that are single and anywhere close to my age are... well, not fit.




You called me a crackhead!!!!


These are your quotes:


Where do you guys suggest I meet 35+ women that are single, not angry and sour, not drug addicts or ex-cons, and physically fit?


But to be clear here, in your mind, I should date a woman that's married, hateful, smokes crack, or is morbidly obese, rather than a 21 year old woman that generally doesn't like to kiss


You said it again in the post where you claim you didnt say it:


So where do you suggest that I meet 35+ women that are single, within 100 miles of me, not angry and sour, not drug addicts or ex-cons, and physically fit?


You C L E A R L Y have a chip on your shoulders because of experiences and yes you are lumping all older women together, which is SUPER ironic again because of how contradicting you are, you said you arent going to deal with bitterness, but youve expressed extreme bitterness towards older women. Bitterness, bias, hatred and anger, and the second that INCREDIBLY obvious fact is pointed out you gaslight.


I think that some of the responses here have been interesting, though, and speak more to the person responding than to me.




So I really don't understand why you guys have gotten so caught up on the age difference. It's infinitely more important to you than it is to me.


Second example YOU brought up age and race, it was not information needed, you wanted us to know....



Now, as for the actual topic of the thread, I'm almost positive that if I were 20 years younger, these three women still wouldn't like to kiss.


I've done some reading, and on average, millennials are have less sexual interaction than previous generations:




and a very interesting response to it:




This explains a few things:


1. If younger men are less expressive about their sexuality, then younger women that have sexual desires are less inclined to approach them, and more likely to approach a man that seems more sexually experienced.


2. That younger woman probably doesn't know how to kiss. So it's really not an issue of like or dislike, it's an issue of simply knowing how and being comfortable with it.



But there's another expansion; an "American Anthropologist" study found that 45% of people in North America did not consider kissing to be a common part of expressing love and affection:




Your hyper defensiveness on subjects that again...you brought up...further proves, you do have an issue with it. No one obsessively researches things they arent concerned about....they just dont...


So it's really not all that unusual for someone to not enjoy kissing. It doesn't mean that she's "broken" or "dysfunctional" as others in this thread have stated... almost half of the people in North America don't like to kiss.


I have my answer now, so I have no further interest in returning to this discussion. I appreciate the honest feedback from the very slim minority of responders (especially SGH), but I feel like the question now has an answer and I need no further input.


Dude you just proved you werent asking for advice, you answered your own question...you did it for attention... to counter people, to argue and get confirmation bias, we make you mad you dig in deeper, defenses drive people...exactly like your previous posts about your issues with online dating, which you made sure to make multiple references to even though no one brought it up...you poke, people clap back, you get to tell yourself 'see I was right' as you did to me:



Or is it that this has pressed a button for you... maybe jealousy that attractive men are dating younger women rather than married, hateful, morbidly obese crackheads? Hmm, I'm starting to realize that maybe the 21 year old that generally doesn't like to kiss isn't the only one with issues here...


But youre right...its everyone else...

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He's the male version of rockchick (was this the nickname?) :D


BYW, people are calling them dysfunctional because YOU described them as dysfunctional. No one asked you if these women who didn't want to kiss you were 19 year olds with 4 kids and the additional details you provided about the other girls, yet YOU provided that info. And if you're trying to say that a 19 year old girl with 4 kids doesn't come with issues and that a 40 year old man dating one is not dysfunctional at all, I don't know what to tell you. But you said that having 4 kids at 19 made the girl mature, so I don't know what to think anymore.


But no, not wanting to kiss is not a characteristic pertaining to a certain ethnicity or age or lifestyle, so that information is not relevant. Some people of all ages and races and nationalities like to kiss and others don't. Sometimes they don't like kissing in general, other times they don't feel physically attracted to you to kiss you, despite liking your attention.

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