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What's your lamest joke?


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Alright fellas and lady fellas, here are the rules:


1. Post your dad jokes, lame jokes, puns or jokes that both make people around you groan or give you finger guns. Keep them at least mildly unoffensive. [emoji23]


I'll start.


1st confession, when I pass hay on the road, I shout "HEY!" and point. Everyone looks and groans. It's awesome.


Next. What's the best time to go to the dentist? Tooth hurty. [emoji23]

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Overheard in a prison cell: "Bottom bunk's mine, tonite we spoon, then we fork or you get the knife."


Two new convicts arrive at their shared prison cell. The first convict says, "How long is your sentence?"


"21 years," says the second guy.


The first guy says: "Mine's 22 years. You might as well take the bed near the door, since you're getting out first."

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And God created Woman. And she was good.


And she had two arms, two legs, and three breasts.


God asked Woman, "Would you like to have anything changed about yourself?"


And Woman asked for her middle breast to be removed.


God removed her middle breast. And it was good.


And Woman stood there with her third breast in her hand, and she asked God: "What should be done with this useless boob?"


And God created Man.



***(Sorry men hehehe :D )

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A man and a giraffe walk into a bar. The giraffe proceeds to get stinking drunk and passes out on the floor. The man turns to leave, and steps over the giraffe on his way out the door. The bartender yells, "Hey, you can't leave that lyin' there!" The man yells back, "It's not a lion! It's a giraffe!"

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