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Why and what does it mean?

Maggie Smith

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He has realized he made a few big mistakes and is trying to get back to a state before his bad judgment. I don't know how anyone can get over someone cheating on them. Do not let him back. You are better than that and you know it.


Thinking about this is a waste of your time.

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He lost his source of sex and companionship, so he's seeing if trusty old you would be willing to provide for his wants. Until the next shiny new thing comes along and then it's Goodbye Maggie once again. He'll ride off into the sunset and you'll be left trying to recover from yet another heartbreak caused by trying again with this guy who already cheated on you and left you once.


Don't fall for his transparent tactics to boost his own ego.

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Backup plan in case he has a dry spell. Because you unfortunately allow this rather than deleting and blocking him and all his people, he can monitor your weaknesses and play you for some easy sex, when it's convenient for him or boost his ego after being dumped or cheated on. If he had any interest in reconciling he would contact you directly..

THe hasn’t tried to contact me or write me. He just followed me and I don’t understand the point.
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