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  1. Thank you! Done and moved. Mitch
  2. Thank you! Yes! I feel good about myself again. Mitch
  3. Tru, I'm sorry you are going through this, I know exactly how it feels. That being said, be true to yourself and go no contact. If you had a break up, why are you still in contact? It just doesn't work for you. You can see that,right? You said it yourself, and I know this is what hurts the most, "I don't think she even knows the hurt her deceit caused me." Then why spend another minute of your precious life thinking about her? You need to turn this around and get your self respect back. Go NC and stay that way no matter what. Silence from you is the best you can do for your situation.
  4. Well, to follow up I broke up with my gf not long after this last post. Crazy how long I put up with so much stupid stuff. I have no regrets. It was a bit of a fight o get my money back on the trip to Spain, but I am getting a refund. Good grief I can't believe I was going to hang in there just for this trip with all these uneasy feelings of her cheating and just how she treated me. I've grown so much in the last two years since my breakup that brought me to ENA to let this happen to me. It's crazy how some times it's complete anguish and other times it's a total relief after a break up. I
  5. This is a lengthy quote, but I don't know who posted it and forgive me if it wasn't here, but it is a good read, everyday, especially for someone new to the pains of a break up and heart ache... They (the dumper) walked away, so while they were the stronger and more "together" person at the time that they did it, they also didn't come away from it with the amount of motivation that you did. They didn't have the same reason to look at their reflection and ask the hard questions. You were forced to, and eventually you were glad for it because it forced you to tackle the questions and seek th
  6. This is good. What's done is done. Taking care of yourself and your children is your focus. Patience will be your best approach from here on out.
  7. I'm not married and have only been dating my GF for just over a year. I have posted here about how I think she is cheating on me and for the most part it seems to be all on her phone. It is making me sick to my stomach. So if the tables were turned and your wonderful husband was texting another woman in the middle of the night even just friendly little pick me ups, like you describe, are you okay with that? You are not showing your husband what you are doing, right? You are hiding things from your husband because he will be upset, so I would think. This is deceitful. That's not what marria
  8. Okay, more... So we were supposed to go to a wedding this coming Sat., Jun 8. Last Monday when we spoke she said she wanted to go alone and that she RSVP'd for 1. We were to ride up to NY with her parents. I said ok and we decided we would just take a break and think about things. Last night I got a text asking if I wanted to still go to the wedding and that her mom would call her aunt and ask if it was okay. I thought about it and said yes I would go. She said okay and that her mom would call. I did not hear back so this morning I asked if I was coming to her house tonight Friday? It would
  9. Okay. What am I waiting for? What a look? Something she will say?
  10. Thornz, thank you. You are absolutely correct and I would be mad as well if I was being accused of cheating. I only brought this up once after the restaurant. I noticed the changes in the phone privacy over a couple months. The culmination was the night at the restaurant as I described above. She distinctly saw me turn around and she put the phone right down on the table face down. I walked away and turned back and she picked up the phone. After that my gut said something is happening on the phone that she doesn't want me to see. Yep, I have a lock on my phone and I too like my privacy. I aske
  11. Thank you Blue. You make me think and smile. :)
  12. Thanks, but I don't hold the cards on the trip she does. She did get insurance, so I only lose emotionally. I really want to go to Spain! She can take someone else. :(
  13. Thank you my friend. Good to hear from you and your wisdom. Mitch
  14. Sad, yep. Thank you Katrina. I hope you are well.
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