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Did I make the right decision?


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I got caught up in my cheating ways. My girlfriend found out about a girl I was talking to on the side and I treated her not so good when she found out. I even told her to lose all contact with me, but she is a genuinely sweet girl. She goes to church with me, she’s sweet, kind and caring. Even after I did what I did to her she messaged me saying no matter if I apologized or not she forgives me and that she still cares and that she prays for my success in life. After what I had done I wouldn’t have even expected her to be so understanding. She told me it was hard for her to let go bc I was her first love but after praying she realized that maybe it just wasn’t meant to be. That part hurt the most , I’ve never came across a girl like this. I was her first everything, she’s so sweet that she never even got into a fight a day in her life. She never spoke bad on the girl she found out about. And I just feel horrible.

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So you talked to another girl and your girlfriend broke up with you? How old are you? You're allowed to talk to other people and to have friends, even if you were flirting with her. I would say forget her and why not go out on a date with the other girl you were talking to?

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