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And here I am again!


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Sigh! Don't know from where to start from.


But today, I felt so very bad. The friend ( let's name her SK) whom I have trusted the most and was very open to her about my and her opinions and ideas. And I used to about anyone, about everyone without even giving a second thought. Like how we all close friends live and do.


Quite a few months ago, SK along with my some fellow batchmates used to study in a group, since I talk a lot, these people didn't let me know that they've begun to study in a group.


Today I got to know that SK never wanted me to join the group because I talk a lot and I would have hampered their studies.

Okay! I do understand and she's actually right about it.


What I am feeling bad about is I never knew SK would say so, I thought she's my all weather friend. No hard feelings for her, although it's a lesson that I need to understand and learn out of it.

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Well, from your description, it appears she values your friendship in many ways, just not when it comes to a productive study session. It's fine not to share in every activity and to diversify circles a bit. I'd try not to take it personally and look to the times you two do enjoy together.

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I agree with ALL the posts above. You're clearly disruptive to the study sessions and even you admit it, so nothing to get hurt over. It's just stating a fact. Let it go.

I am curious though, how much studying do you get done if you "talk a lot"? Sometimes studying in groups is distracting and not a good idea to begin with.

Like SherrySher says above: "Some people are hang out friends and some are study friends. She sees you as the former and nothing wrong with that."

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