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  1. Oh please! I confessed everything to him. But didn't pressure him to ask get back into the relationship. We mutual agreed to reconcile. I didn't ask him anything.
  2. We studied together, but when we were dating we couldn't meet even once because we're living in different states. Before I could take things on the next level, he broke up with me. Because I wanted more out that relationship.
  3. So, approximately 1.5 years back I was in a relationship, he dumped me because he said I was talking much with him. And was not focusing on myself more. I don't know what actually was the reason I got dumped or the reasons for I got dumped is genuine enough. I tried to mend things between us, apologised, everything possible I could do, I did and later it sort of seemed like as if I was begging him to stay. After that we never spoke to each other but I had regretted losing him and never actually moved on. And I felt for the mistakes I did. After almost 1.5 years he sent me request on Instagram and then we had a chat on WhatsApp and we reconciled. Next day also we talked like a love bird. And after the following next two days he became aloof and nonchalant. I then didn't left any text and neither he did. As I had an exam to appear so I didn't discuss anything. After that I sent him Facebook request, he didn't accept. I called him he didn't answer, I left him a single WhatsApp text he didn't reply to it. After all the futile attempt I left him a really long message on facebook expressing everything and asked him to at least tell me what did actually happened between us, and its been almost a week he hasn't even seen my message though he's busy liking the mutual friends' posts, changing his WhatsApp display profile, facebook profile picture. He has completely ghosted me. I am just not able to understand why and what happened? Who does that? Why is he doing like that? What did I do wrong? He knows I still love him and what to take things further but why he just can't breakup loud and clear. Why has he left in confusion? Am I the only one to be blamed for this relationship? Is talking a lot with your partner bad? Is talking at night with them is bad? Is crying in front of your partner because your career and relationship isn't going well, is bad? Is it bad to show them how stressed and frustrated you're because you're not making progress career wise? Is it bad show your weak side to your partner?
  4. For God's sake! Stop dating this guy. A guy who's unstable and confused and not giving you closure. He's not afraid to lose you rather he's afraid to live alone, I believe. Leave him and live life on your own terms. Otherwise you'll regret not leaving him first because by the time you'll be madly head over heals in love with him. Just LEAVE HIM!
  5. Okay! I agree with you all about this. But I want to know is he my major loss? In spite of apologising and doing what everything I could to make things work out. He isn't interested in talking to me. So, I just want to know don't I deserve a nice guy?
  6. This time I didn't chase him at all. Oh yes! I did confess my feelings. But the moment he sounded nonchalant I immediately withdrew and didn't leave a single text to him. He hasn't texted me either.
  7. I left only three texts between 9:30 PM to 1:50 am. I have not even a single time constant text him at all.
  8. No, there's no hope now. Perhaps now I won't listen from him ever. He hasn't texted me from the past two days, and before that when I had texted me, he tried to dodge my conversations. And yes, the scars and wounds are open now. And this is why, I am wondering is he a major loss for me?
  9. No no! He's not the one. The guy I am talking about was my ex boyfriend. He reached out to me almost after more than a year.
  10. My ex contacted me almost after more than a year. First day, he talked and regretted about ending our relationship. And I also apologised for my mistake, sincerely and confessed that I still have feelings for him. If I would have been smart and intelligent enough to handle situations appropriately you wouldn't have ended our relationship and things would have been different now. We then decided to take things slow for now. Second day, we talked again for a while mocking each other. We talked for less than 5 mins out of the whole day. Third day, I was the one texting him, but he sounded distant and was also going out for drinks and will be late. I left a few texts between 9:30 PM to 1:50 am asking is he back home. Fourth day, he messaged me in the morning saying he slept and saw messages now. Then in the evening I texted him casually, but he sounded distant again and was like as if he's trying to dodge my conversation. After that I didn't text him at all and neither he left a single text to me. I am beginning to feel as if he's a major loss. As if I have lost a part of me. As if I wouldn't be able to find a gentle and humble guy like him or better than him for me ever. I know he has lost all love and feelings for me, and also I know there's no point talking or thing about him since I now feel I can't mend things no matter how much effort I take to make things better between us. All I want to know is- Is he my major loss? Is he worth my time thinking about him? Will I meet a better guy in the future?
  11. He's a jack*ss! Just get out of his zone because you deserve better. And also, never, ever, ever reply to his calls, texts, emails or whatever. Just stay away from him!
  12. Hahahaha 😁 Right, you're! And don't you worry, I am not gonna do anymore virtual dating and all. I myself is sick of committing these mistakes and all. I need to stick onto my standards and boundaries.
  13. Ummm, well! It's like you've invested your emotions or lets say interest in texting to a person. Just because you're texting often, you begin thinking he's the best, he's got no flaws at all and he's all yours. But, when he's done texting you and make you realise that you're just an another girl for him and eventually you're forced to hit the reality. And you're like, wow! What did just happen?! 😂😂
  14. You're so very right. Let's turn the loss into a positive!
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