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Feeling the Feels- how to deal with lies and disresoect


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Hello Forum,


I am in need of advice. i have a girlfriend who i love. we have been toghther over a year and a half.



now why I need advice is because i have no idea what to do. the issue is that i am mentally tired because of this relationship.

every argument we wether i am right or wrong. or even when i have proof that what i am saying is true turns into me being an angry person or that i am the issue. she literally makes issues worse whenever possible and doesnt ever feel sorry.


Lately, she began to try and work things out in the right way because I am literally walking away but i don't want to and keep trying to believe in her.


Many times she lies holds things for me. fools me and she feels that she can't trust me.

honestly i cant take it no more.


But the sad part is besides that she literally is trying her best fo this relationship. shows me she cares. but I personally feel she doesn't have any respect for me.


How does one deal with lies and disrespect? Should you be quick to walk away?

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Yeah, she's mentally abusing you. There's something in her past causing her to do this to you. Perhaps she was abused by her parents or a previous boyfriend. Perhaps she saw her parents act this way. She might even have depression or be bipolar. The arguments are really about power and control. She's trying to manipulate you. You didn't list the reasons for the arguments but the result is usually to make you do what she wants, even if it's just to apologize endlessly to feed her ego. I don't think there's anything you can do to change her. The end result will just wear you down. And it usually gets worse with time. You may love her, but there's nothing you can do and you should walk away.

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