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Today was our joked 'cursed day', should I sent him a joking message.


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So my ex-dumped me about 5 months ago, it was out of the blue and ugly and messed me up for a long time... but I'm healing slowly and getting better.


But while we were together he and I ALWAYS saw the number 224 and he always joked it was a cursed number out to get him, and today was going to be the day it catches him (feb.) 2,24th. Can I send him a friendly joking text saying 'it's 224, hoping you're still alive XD'? My goal is not to get back with him, but just to re establish my natural friendly and goofy self. Is this smart?




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I don't understand? Do you think that he is questioning sending you a message?


The guy did not treat you well. You should not send him any message. I suggest you block, delete and move on. Let this go. You have only seen this guy twice.


have you received any counseling?

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