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  1. We use Snapchat (a social media where you send selfies/pictures back and forth). I've seen him and his place and everything about him. He's sent videos talking about something in the past. But when I ask if he wants to FaceTime he says he's not in the mood, not right now, or no response.
  2. Nope :( He just doesn't like that kind of stuff and I know because he tells me when people he talks to ask to FaceTime constantly it makes him uncomfortable.
  3. We've been online/long-distance friends for over a year and we talk daily (text at least, he doesn't like phone calls or FT). I've liked him and have had feelings for a while and they grow and recede. Lately, I'm really starting to appreciate him, his personality, his looks, and his thoughts, like legit feelings. He knows I liked him in the past but he said he wants me as a friend because he knew if we dated it would eventually end and he doesn't want to lose me as someone who's so close. I know that's textbook friend zone but he said that over a year ago. I am fine with not being able to date
  4. I am starting to realize that now, so I guess it is for the best that I go away. Although the relationship was shaky and unsure, I have expressed my interest and dedication to do my part to work on that. But if he doesn't feel the same then I am powerless. Also yes, my coworker kind of deserved it, I stood up for myself and my fellow coworkers who have been bullied and treated unfairly. I think if I didn't have the pressure of this break up I would have not confronted the employee, but I'd feel the same.
  5. Figureitout my sexuality and my dating a guy publically has been a battle for years and I let my ex know that. He had open ears and wanted to know about my issues and offered help for how I can get there. But I understand it is over. So what should my exit strategy be? Just stop responding? I have a few emotional 'final letters' that have my final words, do I just call him out and block him... what would be the most effective way to remove myself knowing the fact he still loves me (I'm not sure how strong it is, my guess is he just cares about my health as a human and nothing more) while a
  6. Thank you for the advice and I am going to do the best I can. This is the second time I've been dumped when I believe in a better future. I have never removed myself from someone else because I always hoped they'd realize that we can do better and come back in a way. Although I am scared of it happening, I am going to put my hand up and take myself away.
  7. I am aware of the issues I need to address. I've been under a lot of pressure being two time zones away from home at college, financial pressures because my loan processed way too late, and I do dwell on the past so previous incidents where people have hurt me come and haunt me often. I've been making great progress addressing all of these and I feel a lot better. I understand and expect the relationship to be over for good, but sometimes he has anxiety/depression breakdowns and I was always the one to help him out, I'm the kind of person to throw my feelings to the side and put someone who is
  8. Hello, forum! In an effort to keep it short: My boyfriend (or ex now I guess) and I mutually agreed to take a break a month ago for the exclusive reason of working on ourselves and our life situations, and then have a 'talk' to give us one more chance. It's been an amazing relationship full of support and adventures, but I personally needed to address some issues and process some life events. It's been going great until two weeks ago he posted on his Snapchat story that he was on a date with another guy and then posted a pic of the other guy in his bed. That made this whole ordeal so much w
  9. This is a can of worms. A massive can of worms for me that has stems from years of contemplation, anxiety, and therapy. I'm a guy. And I'm into (select guys). I am open and loving of people of all sexuality, but when it comes to myself, I can never accept myself for who I am. I have always wanted to just be in the group of normal straight teens who like girls, but wouldn't actively consider being with a male. I dare never to hate someone because they are gay, but deep down in myself I really don't like that I am attracted to other guys. I've dated a few guys and have done a little more wit
  10. Hello! So I met a new friend here at my university, I saw his live stream of a game and we found out that we go to the same school and have the same major, apparently we were at the same camping trip earlier this year! Anyways I'm a freshman (bi), and hes a junior, gay and engaged! Of course I support that fully and respect it too but since we have some common interests (aviation) we've been chatting a lot lately about aviation, life, and a little bit about ourselves. This is all over text but we both agree we should hangout soon. How should I handle this new friendship? We've been texting
  11. Thank you so much. I don’t know why, but I totally didn’t realize that a professional counseling session (offered free here) could be extremely beneficial. I’m going to make an appointment in the am.
  12. To answer, yes I did meet him in person. Spent multiple weeks with him and his family (and they all loved and approved of me and all). I guess I haven’t blocked his friends yet is because; although at times I do recognize that sooner or later I had to go to college and moving into his life fully would not be the best decision for my future, a part of me still loved it and I guess I kinda still hope we will work put some day.
  13. It happened over summer 2017. It was LDR but he opened my eyes to so much and helped me accept myself. Then he ripped himself from me and made himself hate me in a matter of days. I’m now blocked everywhere except phone number. I haven’t contacted him since Christmas and I’ve been trying my hardest to move on. I pulled a 180° On my family and left across the country for college where I hope to grow more and meet new people. But what he did to me still... bothers me. I find myself thinking about him and what happened almost on a daily basis. I don’t obsess and I move on after a minute
  14. Yeah that’s all it’s for. Her and I talk daily and sometimes about really personal stuff. I just wouldn’t go if it would too weird for me to be so near everyone. And no I do not want to go for the purpose of talking to him. She’s my best friend and that’s the only reason I’d go. If per say he did show up (he prob wouldn’t) id too prob just leave right then and catch the soonest flight home. ONLY if he wanted to talk would I. But that’s not the reason
  15. Background: So 8 months ago I had a really horrible and messy breakup. He ended it out of the blue and to this day I still am hurt and scarred, I still love him and his family and friends. After the breakup, I did everything WRONG which included continually going back to him and his friends about my saddness and wanting him back - and our last communicaton ended in him saying that he wanted to have no part of my and did not want to see me or hear from me again, and blocking me on all social media. With that being said, my best friend, I met her when I was dating him, has her high school gra
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