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What does she mean?


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Stop asking yourself and us and ask her to clarify what that means.


It could mean she wants to go out and party, bang other dudes, not be tied down, not be domestic, leave you at home taking care of the kids while she goes out all the time. Only she knows what it means so ask her.


I assume you are exclusive? Have you discussed being exclusive?



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My first thought is she wants to still have fun. What does she do for fun? To some, it means travel, play sports, see friends, go to bars, night clubs.


If you don't hide anything from each other, why didn't you just ask her what she meant by "fun"?


I agree. Sounds like she has some notion that married couples don't have fun or are "settled" down in a bad way.

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My guess would be that she wants to be in a committed (living together) relationship, but wants to have an active relationship. She doesn't want to be all settled down and in bed by 10pm every night. She wants you to keep dating her even though you're in a ltr.


This was my thought as well or wants to still go on vacations or travel, instead of thinking of all the other negative meanings already thrown out there. Heck, those could very well be what she means, although no one here is telepathic. What do you know that she does for fun currently? It could provide a hint.

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