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  1. I think you should first try to hear his concerns. Do you think you handle stress well? Do you think there’s a possibility of this job making you feel overly stressed? What caused your depression in the first place? Are you aware that if you are overly stressed or depressed, that also affects him? Can you understand at all where he’s coming from? Is he right to be concerned? Once you’ve answered those questions for yourself, then start thinking about your next steps. Can you put a plan in place to prevent you from feeling overly stressed? Can you make an agreement not to bring your stress
  2. I can sort of see how your parents might feel a certain way with their grandchildren being raised so different from how they were raised. Not that it’s okay, but I’m from a very small town in the Midwest of the United States. If my daughter were to grow up and want to raise her family in LA or New York, I can see how I would feel sad for my grandchildren for missing out on the type of childhood I had, which included camping and four wheelers, fishing, boating, etc. I would also wonder how I’m going to relate and be close with them when they have such a different lifestyle than me. Again, that
  3. This is something you really can’t compromise on. If he doesn’t want to have kids, being forced to have them will make him resent you and likely the child as well. If you want to have kids, being forced to not have them will make you resent your husband. I think you probably know you should’ve taken this topic more seriously early on, but what’s done is done. If it were me, I’d separate, probably even divorce. I’d have my child(ren), see where life takes us, and maybe reach out to the (ex)husband in the future to see if there are any possibilities. There is no “right” or easy w
  4. C’mon man. Tough love is an excellent resource in some situations, but not this one. She’s made the choice to leave, leaving will be very hard, so let’s try to help her through it, not scold her for not having done it already. OP, the first step is the hardest. Now just keeping taking steps forward, one foot in front of the other, and don’t look back. YOU CAN DO THIS.
  5. You can do this. Being able to make the decision to leave and stand firm with it is the hardest part. You’ve done that. When this gets hard and you feel unsure, remember why you’re doing this. Visualize yourself free and happy without him every single day until it’s reality. Who have you called for help? You don’t have to do this alone. There are many services that exist for situations exactly like this, because it is really hard. Reach out to someone and see how much you can gain from their assistance. Saving up to afford a lawyer sounds pretty daunting and overwhelming, as they’re expen
  6. Hey guys, what is that “solution” thing? That’s new to me.
  7. You need to take care of your daughter and listen to her. That is your responsibility as her mother.
  8. I agree with MissCanuck. I would read her message, smirk to myself, and then delete it and tuck my phone back into my pocket and go on with my new and improved life.
  9. It sounds like you could’ve avoided some of this by just addressing it. She had your seat positioned alone? Ask her (or someone) to scoot the table for you, or just go sit at whatever table you want. She wants to know what gift to get? Tell her specifically “it would be so appreciated if you’d get a *insert gift here* for the baby!” If she asks again? “We are really hoping you’ll get the *same gift* we asked you for!” I completely appreciate that you want to keep the peace, she’s your baby’s gramma and you should...but at the same time I can tell you I’ve never had an issue with these kin
  10. You have no idea if he’s paying them, you have no idea what his rationale is, and perhaps his expectations for them are different for whatever reason. Your boss is not being unreasonable with you and you stomping your feet saying “but you let them do it!” makes you look very unprofessional, not to mention your teammates won’t like having been thrown under the bus by the new kid who’s been there for five minutes. If you want fair and you want to make the decisions, start working on a plan to be your own boss.
  11. I do agree with some of this, but I still have to kind of defend the guy. I’ve been through a few different breakups where I can see how I acted similar to him. It wasn’t because I was trying to be selfish or malicious, I was genuinely in a bad state of mind and was trying to figure out what the right path was for me. I said how I truly felt in all situations, which meant maybe telling someone I loved them while having interest in others as well. I also have been in relationships where there was too much control, and I never understood why he was upset about the things he was upset about, so i
  12. I also agree with Dancing Fool. Imagine being the manager and having to run the department when you’ve got employees who are maybe able to work today?? Frustrating. And everyone will have their explanation or excuse, but I’ve got a department to run. So let him tell you the expectation (he said let’s talk later), and then just follow it. He is this boss, he’s been hired to run the department and has to meet his boss’ expectations, just as he has expectations that he’s hired you to meet.
  13. YES. The only person who can stop you from being happy is YOU. My momma hates that I take risks, but I feel so alive doing things like hiking mountains, sky diving, or even just traveling outside of the US. I need those things to feel like I’ve made the most of my life. At the end of the road, I’m the one that has to live with whatever regret I might have, so I’m determined to have the smallest amount possible. Zero regret would be ideal.
  14. No, you’re not being selfish or mean at all. I think people who try to pressure you or force you to live a way in which you are unhappy, are the mean and selfish people. We are meant to live our lives in pursuit of happiness. Imagine yourself on your deathbed, looking back at your life and all your experiences. What regrets do you think you’ll have? What are the highlights? If you could rewrite the whole story, what would you have written? Use your life to reach your full potential, whatever that means to you. If everyone gave themselves permission to live that way, this world would be so much
  15. Alright, so I’m just going to be straight with you, you’re likely not going to like what I have to say, and that’s okay, but I hope you’ll try to consider these points. First and foremost, you cannot keep telling yourself he is a man-child. How disrespected do you think he’d feel if he knew that’s how you see him? If that’s your perception of him, that will come across to him. Whether it’s in your tone of voice, your facial expressions, or your statements, he will feel your condescending attitude and it will further aggravate the situation. Why would I work to change myself to meet standa
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