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  1. I think people forget the reason for sites like this.It is for people like me feel less isolated and get some advice in order to make a decision. It isn’t to be made to feel weak or victim like. Most people have shown empathy and offered great advice and I thank them. For those few others well I hope you never find yourselves in the same situation.
  2. I can’t just leave! That’s why I’l feel so trapped! I have no family in the UK. Everyone loves abroad. This is my home! I pay for it, I furnished it why should I leave?
  3. Both our names but I pay the full rent. I also paid the deposit. In the midst of the argument last night he said there would be implications due to the fact both our names are on the lease but I’m sure households break up and change all the time and amending the name to just mine wouldn’t be the end of the world? Would it? Or am I being naive about the legalities regarding the subject?
  4. Scared of implications of what would it mean in regards to living situation. I pay the rent and I pay 80% of the bills. Most of the furniture is mine. I would want to stay but I’m worried he won’t like that ( he has another residence in London which he could move back to) I’m worried he will kick up a fuss and I will end up having to go through all the hassle and cost of relocating either back to London or elsewhere. I know it sounds absurd that I’m worried about this but this is his county where most of his friends and family live, I love it here but I’m worried that I will be made to feel as if I’m trying to be part of something I’m not.
  5. To be honest I’m scared, scared of leaving and scared of the implications. We’ve had fight after fight this week and usually because he has these demands on me that I just can’t see his point on. I.e we had a fight because i didn’t want to sit in the kitchen with him while it was his turn to cook. I was just so dog tired I wanted to sit on the sofa and just chill. He got upset and started saying how it feels he’s my maid ( even though I always do the clearing regardless who cooks ) and how I take the fun out of him doing stuff for me. Then another fight was because he made breakfast and I was 2 minutes late coming downstairs after he told me to ( I was getting dressed) . Just the thought of living life within his time frames and rules and regulations is exhausting. It literally feels like if I colour outside the lines all hell will break lose. I’ve even told him I think we need to call time and he brings in the awkwardness and embarrassment of having to tell family and friends. He has even brought the ‘what will the neighbours think?’ I’m just so tired and I’m miserable and I’m worried I’m at fault for not trying hard enough or being selfish by not trying to be considerate of his need for structure and rules.
  6. Hello, Thank you for taking the time to read my post. I have been in a relationship with a man for a year now. Things did move very fast and we are now living together and engaged. He is lovely but there are certain aspects that make me worry and I need somewhere to voice them. Covid has meant that we are together almost 24/7 and I don't have anyone else to really talk through these issues with and I'm worried I'll come across as moaning and whining to my friends. He is an entrepreneur and I understand that this is stressful but he tends to take out all his stress and anxiety on me. He can sometimes be very hurtful and I'm never sure he realises the extent of the hurt he causes as he always seems to brush it off with excuses about how I don't understand what he has to go through on a daily basis etc. He constantly criticises e.g 'why are you always in leggings?' 'feels like you don't make an effort' I am 5'2, petite and slim. I exercise everyday and I know my worth. Yes I am in leggings most days as there's not much of an opportunity to dress up (covid) and I find them comfortable for working from home. He on the other hand is overweight and complains about this constantly yet does nothing to change it. He has lost his temper with me in the past for eating too much and therefore making him fat. He tends to have super highs and super lows and I constantly find myself having to console him. He's just always miserable and wants to sleep. He complains about how hard he works but to be honest with you, I am the one working late until the night to support us as he is broke. He gets angry if I take on more work after working hours yet I pay the rent and the majority of our expenses. He always says that its his company's success that will give us the 'dream life' but I am pretty sure that I could give myself everything and all I ever wanted by myself and through my own career. He seems to also expect me to clean up after him. I am exhausted and it's bringing me down. I have tried talking to him about this but he gets very defensive and we end up in a big fight. Then he tries to make amends by saying its because he is so stressed. He chose this journey of setting up his own company and I don't believe the stress will ever go away. I am just exhausted, I find myself wishing he would just go away for the day so I can have some time to myself and to breathe. Any advice? Thank you
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    I'll send you guys postcards
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    You're no help 🙄
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    In a world where cheating and deception is so easy i think it's only normal that I feel nervous about all this.Ive been down the road of ignorance before and enlightenment was in no way easy. I've seen and heard and witnessed the whole casual attitude to playing with another persons feelings. Most of the men in my family have done it and it seems to be a common place feature in our society. Love isn't enough apparently and I'm tired of it all.So no I won't be made to feel guilty for considering an option where Heartbreak isn't an option. And no it's not enough, because my intuition has never been wrong and has I listened to it before I would have saved myself a whole lot of pain. Here it's saying that no this isn't enough. Something isn't quite right about a man who forgets he's still 'single' on social media. A man who seems to post just about everything but somehow misses me out of the picture. See I wouldn't be feeling this way if everything was so obviously innocent.To me this points towards a man who constantly needs social medias attention and revealing me might jeopardize that attention.Which in turn points to someone who's really not that committed and is just waiting for something better to come along. So perhaps you should take all this into consideration before being condescending with your 'sugar daddy' comments. I never realized choosing someone who's willing to treat you like gold,is highly respectful and goes out of his way to show that he's in it for the long run is something to be condescending about. Yes I'm not that 'in to him' as the younger man but it seems that playing only with your heart is a sure fire way for heartbreak.
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    As I stated - since April. His family isn't the issue as his life was until recently was mostly in the USA.So all his friends etc are there.He only has his parents and siblings here in Europe so the fact that his friends back home have no solid idea of me makes me highly suspicious.
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    Sugar daddy please..He's 3 years older. Now there's titles and then there's titles but I feel like I'm being hidden. This makes me feel very insecure as last time it happened the guy was hiding something. Namely a girlfriend of 4 years. I'm not big into posting relationships all over social media but some kind of acknowledgement I believe is only respectful.
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    I am currently dating a younger man with a five year age distance between us. I'm in my late twenties and he is in his early twenties. I have been seeing him since April and things have been going good, slow but good. He works in the shipping business and is away a lot on ships sometimes for a month at a time so we don't get to see each other on a daily basis.He doesn't actually even have a permanent home address as he travels so much but stays with his parents when he's here. I'm very good friends with his mum and when he is here I regularly attend family outings with them all. I'm just concerned about the fact that although we have said we are exclusive he isn't willing to put a title on it which makes me feel somewhat nervous.My other issue is social media, he is largely very active and posts things all the time yet I don't feature anywhere in his social media.I regularly notice comments from other girls and even his ex on his posts. Finally I hate how he never stays over, he always leaves in the night to go back to his parents house. I don't understand why he feels he has to make a point of being back home when they wake up. I wonder if the age difference means I'm wasting my time. There's another man who I was seeing before we got together and he's 3 years older than me and ready to settle down. He is also extremely wealthy and is capable of giving me the life of my dreams. I am not as attracted to him though and although I can appreciate that he is kind and generous we don't share the same chemistry as I do with the younger man. The older man has offered to fly me to the Philippines where he is right now setting up a new overseas office and then to Tokyo for a week to celebrate his bday. All this is an attempt to win me over as I've already told him we should just be friends. Right now thought I'm starting to think that maybe since he is actually willing to commit and willing to go to distance then I could lose a really good thing rather than wasting my time with someone who's not quite ready to put an official title on our relationship and who's Facebook status still clearly states 'single' Advise?
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