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  1. Hello, Thank you for taking the time to read my post. I have been in a relationship with a man for a year now. Things did move very fast and we are now living together and engaged. He is lovely but there are certain aspects that make me worry and I need somewhere to voice them. Covid has meant that we are together almost 24/7 and I don't have anyone else to really talk through these issues with and I'm worried I'll come across as moaning and whining to my friends. He is an entrepreneur and I understand that this is stressful but he tends to take out all his stress and anxiety on
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    I'll send you guys postcards
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    You're no help 🙄
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    In a world where cheating and deception is so easy i think it's only normal that I feel nervous about all this.Ive been down the road of ignorance before and enlightenment was in no way easy. I've seen and heard and witnessed the whole casual attitude to playing with another persons feelings. Most of the men in my family have done it and it seems to be a common place feature in our society. Love isn't enough apparently and I'm tired of it all.So no I won't be made to feel guilty for considering an option where Heartbreak isn't an option. And no it's not enough, because my intuition has
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    As I stated - since April. His family isn't the issue as his life was until recently was mostly in the USA.So all his friends etc are there.He only has his parents and siblings here in Europe so the fact that his friends back home have no solid idea of me makes me highly suspicious.
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    Sugar daddy please..He's 3 years older. Now there's titles and then there's titles but I feel like I'm being hidden. This makes me feel very insecure as last time it happened the guy was hiding something. Namely a girlfriend of 4 years. I'm not big into posting relationships all over social media but some kind of acknowledgement I believe is only respectful.
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    I am currently dating a younger man with a five year age distance between us. I'm in my late twenties and he is in his early twenties. I have been seeing him since April and things have been going good, slow but good. He works in the shipping business and is away a lot on ships sometimes for a month at a time so we don't get to see each other on a daily basis.He doesn't actually even have a permanent home address as he travels so much but stays with his parents when he's here. I'm very good friends with his mum and when he is here I regularly attend family outings with them all. I'm j
  8. Oh and his and her parents are close family friends
  9. Yes of course we've met in person 😑 On and off because he couldn't commit so I kept telling him to leave me be.Found out why he couldn't commit though..he had his own on and off gf situation going on in the background.Now he tells me he loves me and wants to commit but I'm supposed to wait 6 weeks while he deliberates whilst in holiday with her..
  10. Yep it's long distance but we're both from the uk.. he just travels a lot as he's in the Air Force..been seeing on and off since August 2015.. no arranged marriage..
  11. I ended it today.. I recently found out he had a gf even though he was seeing me..he stated I should give him time so that he could 'sort things out' This is one of the messages he sent me 'I've had the worst first weekend ever at home. My blind dog is really poorly and didn't even recognise me I have had chance to speak with her though. She stopped me straight away and said she'd been thinking the same thing about it all. I found out she had also met someone in Qatar but she doesn't think she has a future with someone who lives 3 hours away. That said we have a holiday booked wit
  12. But why? I don't understand,how can someone be so damn hurtful.. I mean it doesn't make sense and I feel that if I could at least understand it would be easier for me to process.How can someone be so knowingly deceitful and hurtful yet continue doing so..yes I'm aware that to a level I'm the enabler by not closing the chapter completely but there's always that underlying hope that he's telling the truth that I maybe if I stuck by him a little longer..because no one can be this cruel..I know the world is full of 'bad' characters..It's just really hard right now to make sense of it all
  13. I've been seeing a man for over a year now.We met in the summer of 2015 It hasn't been an easy relationship,if I can even call it that.He's in the military and his job is very stressful and it means we go long periods of time without seeing each other.From the very beginning I made it very clear that I wanted to make this work and that I was willing to put in the commitment and time necessary regardless of the obstacles. He always seemed to be 'confused' I recently found out he has a gf.. this to me was heartbreaking,yet he excused it with the fact that he wasn't with her during the
  14. I did move out for a while but I moved back in both as I'm trying to save up to buy my own place and because I work almost 14hours a day and I'm hardly home anyway. Thing is even when I was living alone she'd 'pop' round uninvited or she'd call me when she was around the corner to say she was around the corner and could she come round.We once had a massive argument as I said no she could not due to me just getting home and being exhausted but she came anyway after throwing a massive tantrum of 'other daughters don't treat their mothers this way' I sometimes feel as if everyone has to make a
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