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  1. This sounds like a really difficult situation for you. I feel for you. It is really hard to live with someone who hurt you so badly and to be continually hurt time and again due to close quarters. There is no mistake that her cheating is undeniably wrong. However, I would be careful not to react to her defensiveness. True narcisism is very rare. It is more likely she knows what she has done is wrong and feels extreme guilt over it, so she puts those negative feelings onto you to make herself feel better as a form of mental protection. It doesn't make it right to do that to you. There is no nee
  2. Then you'll have to try the other things mentioned. There's no set amount for everyone and it's unfortunately a process of trial/error you'll have to keep experimenting with.
  3. Alright, that helps, except for the last two values because there's no way those last two units are in mmol/L: In order, your results are: -Good -Good (I assume this is referencing total cholesterol) -Low (HDL or "good cholesterol" should on average be above 1.3 mmol/L for women) -Good -Good -Not Available (however, it is good if the units are in umol/L) -Not Available (also good if the units are in mL/min/1.73m2) You can improve your HDL by eating more healthy fats (such as avocados or almonds), exercising, and avoiding hydrogenated/partially hydrogenated oils in food. N
  4. I don't believe we are referencing the same point. You said: I am not sure what sites you're referencing, but I am American and have reported our patient laboratory results in metric units (I work at a lab), as well as received my own results in metric units, which Canada also uses. When it comes down to lab results, Americans and Canadians both use the metric system since we are dealing with very small units, which the American units cannot account for. Hence, Americans would not use our own units for this purpose in the first place and I highly doubt the sites you found are in Ameri
  5. Of course. My point is "American" versus "Canadian" values don't matter when referencing units of measurement. Metric units are a unit of measurement. Americans use the metric system often in healthcare. It is the specific units that matter. For example, microliters (uL) are much different (as in smaller units) than milliliters (mL) but are still units of measurement for volume, often reported out by American and Canadian healthcare laboratories. The difference is, the numerical value will be very different in a report, depending on which unit is used.
  6. Can you insert the units after the original numbers you posted? They're nearly useless if the units aren't there; it's a guess on the precise units at that point. American versus Canadian results make no difference. Canadians tend to use the metric system while Americans opt to use their own units of measurement, but when it comes to healthcare they often report results such as this in metric units.
  7. Thanks for the kind words :) I did have some good news about my work; I'll be due for a few raises and a promotion soon. I'm looking forward to that. My good friend/new roommate and I have a lot of fun stuff planned for our place as well. While I do feel sad, deep down I am glad I won't have to deal with this worrying person anymore. If he will entertain other women behind my back, despite claiming he wants "only" me to my face, then they can have him. He's their problem now. With everything that's happened, while unfortunate and unnecessary, I learned my limits for sure. It's not somethin
  8. Better late than never, but here's a response update if anyone is still looking at this: FIO, for all intents and purposes we were vocal about dating since February. Still short, but I digress. He called them from the very beginning as dates, told his family, his friends, and my own friends we've been dating since February without my prompting. I know my thoughts have been everywhere in my confusion, although I was never clear to him I was thinking about opening it. I said to him at a much later time I was open to the idea of an open relationship at first, but it quickly died after the lie.
  9. I don't for today. Everyone is busy at work or too far away at the moment. I feel really nervous I'll get cold feet. His new roommate may be home. I have work tonight as well. I have to head over soon and am getting a little teary.
  10. Thank you blue. As always, you pose questions that continue to make me ponder. Most of them, I do not have an answer to. As much and as long as I've thought about this relationship, even to the point where the persistent thoughts plagued me enough to just want to make it stop, I still need to look inside my own head. That's the hard part I need to unravel. I wish I could find one healthy relationship, but that is hard when you don't really know what one looks like. I am curious, have you found one like that? Right now, I know I do not want to find a partner until I have figured out myself f
  11. True. You're absolutely right. I guess when I see him so happy it makes me happy because it reminds me of the good times we've had together. To want more and make more of those good times. I haven't been listening to my head, for much too long at this point. I'm glad your situation worked out for you in the end. I'm actively dealing with the fallout this relationship has caused, such as consulting my lawyer about contesting my ticket for a reduced citation/getting points off my license, living with a good friend who helps friends when in need (I'm so glad I have an amazing friend like her!), d
  12. Thank you all for the replies. It helps. I do need more from a partner. It's funny and also sad, that I immediately wash the clothes he leaves behind, just so I can return them to him when I finally feel like I've done enough. I've done this for a while now. More than once, I prepare for a clean break up, but then I see his face and how happy he is to see me. How loving he is when we meet once again...it's gonna be hard. I am at a loss on how to do it. How? It never feels right. How he makes me feel in the moment, especially that one, all my worries melt away and I just want to feel that way f
  13. I do remember what it felt like when I was single. I felt much better. I originally made the therapy appointment for me. It is still made out for only me, but I can have him join. I've never had therapy before and didn't know what to expect. Once I get into a relationship and become invested, I feel compelled to try to do everything I can do to help it. I want to do right for someone I care about. Once all avenues feel depleted, that's when I concede. Otherwise, it feels like I haven't tried hard enough. I do have a strong fear of failure, much to my own demise I realize. I do have feelings fo
  14. Forgive me for the blob of text. I know this is a lot of it, but I'm needing a lot of help now. Some of it is to vent my anxiety and figure out my thoughts. I started dating my boyfriend in February. We hit it off from day one. In person we could talk forever. I have so much joy in just his presence, due to his strange wit and humor similar to myself. I also find him very endearing with his mannerisms and affections towards me. He says he melts when he sees me, and it shows. I developed feelings for him and am compelled to be committed/loyal to only him, to a flaw. He meets my top love languag
  15. I talked to a counselor about a similar situation. She said it is completely fine for a partner to be friends with people they used to be intimate with, as long as healthy boundaries are set in place and maintained. It would appear this guy has set a boundary with this woman, which is to not see her in the manner she presented him with. As mentioned previously, you have no say in who he chooses to be friends with. However, once you talk about becoming mutually official/exclusive, you do have a say in what you are/aren't comfortable with and what boundaries you both want to establish. Once
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