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Is there hope for me getting my ex girlfriend back?


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Can I get my ex girlfriend back?


My girlfriend of 6 months broke up with me about a week ago. We had a great relationship and almost never fought or argued and we both cared about each other very much. The reason for breaking up she said was she did not know what her feelings were anymore and wasn't sure if she wanted to breakup or stay together. Before we broke up she said "Couples breakup and get back together all the time". I told her i respect her decision and we have no hard feelings. Ive realized my mistakes I made AFTER she broke up with me and I sent her a heartfelt apology about what i did wrong. It was nothing bad but there were definitely things I could have done better. She said i did not have to apologize and said it wasn't my fault, it was how she is feeling. She said she pushes people away that are close to her but doesn't want to and usually regrets it. I told her if the time comes my door will be open to her and I said I will remain hopeful but I cant let it stop me from living my life. She responded me saying "Im trying to get through it maybe I just need time" and also "We can both be hopeful just confused I guess and need time and space because if it was meant to be it was meant to be and if not we will move on". She texted me while she was drunk a few days ago and said "I still care about you I hope you know it hurts me just as much". She suffers with depression and still believe that she is just confused and will come around. Like I said im not gonna let the "hope" ruin or stop me from living my life.


She has recently been initiating texts with me and I have been keeping the conversations short.


Im just trying to see if this is false hope or not. I truly believe she is the type of girl to be completely honest with me and that is why I still have hope. I just believe if we tried one more time we could be even happier.

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You've lost nothing, there will be many women to go through before you meet someone who is compatible. A woman who gives this wishy washy nonsense after a short period of time, isn't worth any form of emotional investment.


Tell her she can reach out to you if she changes her mind, but your not interested in friendship or scraps from the table. Then move on, and go total NC for life if need be.

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The reason for breaking up she said was she did not know what her feelings were anymore and wasn't sure if she wanted to breakup or stay together. Before we broke up she said "Couples breakup and get back together all the time".



I am chatting with a guy I find a hairpin better than You, but things as as they are.



Trust me on this one.


Simply cut off all contact with her, and if she likes/wants you (because she is not sure, right?) , she will get back to you eventually.


But if this spans out more than a month to a month and a half, forget about her totally.

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It's only been a week, but I think the best plan would be to think there is no hope and go completely no contact. If she decides to contact you after period of time you can make a decision at that point in time. It's best to work on your self and try to get your mind off of the situation. I know that's hard to do, but there's really not much else you can do right now. Let a little time pass without any contact.


Best of luck.



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She told you this is what she does she pushes people away. I don’t know why she does this other than to torture someone and gain some satisfaction that she is missed. I think this is someone who will toy wiith your emotions which will not serve you well long-term.

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There is nothing you can do. I think she has said a few lines to cusion the blow of a break up. Things like "couples get back together" "I push people away and I usually regret it" are things that one say to try to minimize the hurt one has caused.

No one is perfect in relationships, you made mistakes like everyone does. What you do is learn from them and do make them in your next relationship. Im going to ask you something.. Would you rather be with a girl that knows she wants to be with you or with someone that has to take weeks to think about it? No one knows what is going to happen. I dont think at this point she even knows, but she does know you want to be with her. So why not give her time and space and see if she earns you. I wouldnt want you to put your life on hold for something that may or may not happen. She knows how to get a hold of you, she knows where you live and can stop by or get a hold of you via social media or whatever. If she wants you, she will find you.

Until that day happens, you must move forward. This does not signal that you have closed the door, but you will signal what you said it is true. If you told her Im sorry I will be better, than moving forward is showing her you are trying to better yourself and learn from your mistakes. If you stay still and do nothing, then she will see that you will be the exact same person she left. And remember she is the one that lost interest so if you remain exactly the same person, then what incentive have you given her to return?

The decision is hers, but you can show her you are changing. Its all up to you.

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