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Someone shed some light please I feel so depressed


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I've been dating a man since November of last year. We hit it off he would always want to see me and call and talk to me. Now, he still calls me but always finds a way to have to hang up and he'll always say he'll call me right back but he sometimes doesn't. He also makes empty promises saying he's going to see me later but later never comes. I asked him was he losing interest he said no and he's been preoccupied with some personal issues. I'm just not so sure. Am I making things up in my head? Overthinking is detrimental to relationship I know because he even said that I hold on to a negative thought and won't let it go. I'm just so worried he's losing interest in me. I don't seem like I'm important to him anymore. It just hurts I feel like maybe I'm just overreacting but then again I feel like he just isn't interested idk I just feel so mixed up inside my emotions are just so intense I just want to burst into tears. I don't want to keep bringing it up to him because I don't want him to get annoyed at The fact that I keep asking. Idk what to do. I feel so stupid.

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It's only been a couple of months so things can settle down a bit. Stop talking on the phone so much. Make real dates. Try not to over saturate this. Let him miss you a bit. Pull back and see if he initiates more. relax and see how it goes. Stop asking him if he's losing interest.

he still calls me but always finds a way to have to hang up.He also makes empty promises saying he's going to see me later but later never comes.
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Stop asking him if he's losing interest.
Dear Lord, this absolutely.


There are few better ways to ensure a guy does lose interest than to ask him if he is. People want to they assert a little extra space without it being read into and questioned. And there's really no reason in the world you should emotional to the point of tears for anyone you've known three months, much less over him not enthusiastically calling you all the time anymore.


How often do you two go on actual dates? Put your emotional investment into the time you have together, not the time you have apart.

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What do you know of his background? There's certainly something going on in his life. Could he be married or have another girlfriend and that's why he has to hang up? Does he just consider you a FWB? You're going to have to dig a little deeper into his life.

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Before you get all emotional and start assuming the worst, ask yourself this - are your communication expectations realistic?


I mean sure when you first meet, you may well be all over each other, talking all the time, but then the relationship contact does have to normalize. We all have lives, jobs, friends, hobbies, problems to deal with, things going on and can't spend every moment on the SO exchanging a million texts, hours on the phone, etc. indefinitely. He has even told you that he has things going on. Is there any reason for you not to take him at his word? If not, then contact and attention reducing from initial intensity to more normal and sustainable levels is normal.

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