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I think my boyfriend of nearly 5 years broke up with me last night...


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Hello, i’m new on here but I needed somewhere to come for advice. I’ve been with my boyfriend for 5 years nearly and we’ve been through some really tough times together and some amazing times too. I trust him 100 percent but when we first got together he was messaging other girls and he had gambled behind my back and taken out loans, it’s taken a while for me to learn to trust him as the first few years he did betray me time after time. But I stuck with him and we were fine I picked his phone up in front of him yesterday we were in bed next to each other and I said in a jokey way ooh look what I have laughing as it never leaves his side, and he was so cagey snatched it off me and started shouting at me I stayed calm as he went on and on trying to make out that I don’t trust him and he stormed out. Later that evening he broke up with me saying it’s because I don’t trust him and he’s sick of worrying about me. This was by text and I was angry as it was such a childish way to do so and over such a petty thing and I never said I didn’t trust him at all although i’d Be within my rights not to. He hasn’t contacted me since and the few times this has happened before him breaking up with me he normally texts me apologising I just don’t know what to do? I realise this sounds really childish but he is actually 28yo. I’m in a hard place as I love him but don’t really know what to do about it all I feel a bit broken about it all, any advice would be great? Thank you.

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I am so sorry. I have loved, more than once, someone who is habitually dishonest. I am sorry to say, you have too.


You can change this pattern, if it is one, and certainly you can have a love that is based on integrity.


Not with this man. He did you a favor. It hurts like heck and I am sorry. Please do what you need to do to let go of your ideas about a future, about who he is, about why he is. Let them go. Those ideas are only part of the picture. The rest of the picture would displease you.

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You don't trust him at all, and nor should you.


Trusting him 100% would be incredibly foolish, OP. You know he's a liar and you weren't joking when you took his phone. You were trying to suss out whether he's up to his old tricks. You need to at least be honest with yourself about this.


Let him go. He's not The One - not by a country mile.

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