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I'm a little scared by the way my ex broke up with me


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I don't know if I'm over reacting but my ex is a emotional abuser and the way he broke up with me seems strange I thought..He 're me out and then later texted me and said I need to find someone that loves me unconditionally that I deserve that. Then he said he doesn't love me and that we are friends and that he cares about me alot and he will always take care of me..I told him i dont want to be his friend and he said don't say mean things I'm a good friend and he will always do whatever he can for me..I'm like why? It's over I don't want you it's no surprise. He kept saying he doesn't understand why I have to be mean..is this just more of the emotional abuse? I always thought when your done your done.

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Without wanting to empathise with him, abusive people aren't usually inherently/intentionally abusive. Abuse happens when a person is out of their depth emotionally and lacks the proper skills to navigate a tense situation. That doesn't excuse it, but it's a necessary thing to understand when separating yourself from abuse. You should cut ties with this person if they are emotionally volatile.

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"He cheated on me in the past..He blamed his cheating on me saying I was pissed at him when he cheated. I dated to go to a exotic dance club I thought it would be fun for both of us..it was a dance show for couples but he didn't want to go.. He talks about his ex girlfreind alot..I get sick of hearing about it. We have a lot of history togethet that why i stay and try to stick it out."

Why did he have to dump you? Why didn't you dumb this creep, long ago??????


I hope you don't go back to him, AGAIN! Get some therapy. You do not like/respect yourself, which is evident by being with this creep. I hope you got yourself tested!

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