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What does this mean? Sent whatsapp message by mistake??


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My ex sent a picture (selfie) of himself with a rather sexy pose. Not nude or anything just with a sly look in his eyes. And sent it to me on whatsapp I saw it but didn't reply. Then he sent a message a few minutes later " sorry everyone I sent this by accident."


Does anyone know what this could mean? Is it easy to send a mass message to people on whatsapp without selecting them first?

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He's playing games with you. Just be least bother to react to it. He's just trying to gain your attention and also making a deliberate attempt to raise your curiosity in him and his life. Just chill and IGNORE HIM as af.

Plus, even if he's sending to some other girl, then also you need to sit back and recline. Let him do whatever he wants to do. You're now totally free and live your life the way you want to. If you're still in pain of separation, use it to your advantage and learn out of it. Be smart to not carried away.

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Yeah, he's playing games. No such accidents can happen on whatsapp, since when you send pictures, you have to choose recipients, but then see everyone and have to confirm AGAIN that you want to send them to the chosen people. He wanted to send it to you in an attempt to get your attention. If you don't want that, you can block him on the app too.

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I'm not certain, I don't have that app, but accidents do happen.

Can it happen on that app? Not sure.



I think he's maybe just game playing, but who knows.

I had a guy I turned down thru text send me a msg saying " hi Natalie, I enjoyed meeting you."

Needless to say, that's not my name lol.

I knew it was on purpose, as I had just turned him down a few minutes prior, and he replied with

"Omg haha you're such a joke". Some guys are just jerks.

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