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  1. I would run. Not to sound harsh, but these are all things you DO not want to get involved with. You have to remember and ask yourself, why would you want to be with someone who is clearly not ready to give you everything YOU need in a relationship. I've done this many times myself and got burned every single time when it came time for the person I invested in, loved etc... to reciprocate. Don't make the same mistake. Regardless of your feelings for him. Find someone who meets your needs.
  2. I am at a point in my life where I am reeling from what happened to me. I am in a state of cognitive dissonance still, so I do not think I fully comprehend what has happened to me yet. I met a guy 1.5 years ago on Tinder. He was perfect to me, everything about him. Everything I ever wanted. It was just after the wedding invitations went out that I noticed he would say hurtful things, and apologize but it wasn't genuine whatsoever. My unease began growing, but I thought it could be wedding jitters. I had no idea what the actual issue was but I didn't feel right. I will go into detail of everyth
  3. Why question it? If you feel the need to go, you should go. Committ to 3 sessions. If you don't feel it is making a difference then you know at least you tried
  4. Yes, the people who love me told me the same thing. The implored me to leave, because he is a piece of . Glad I didn't stick around to "eat it"! haha If it smells like , it will taste like too. No mistakes there.
  5. LOL Figureitout. It was a total coincidence. I was reading my posts and I saw the commonality between all of them. There were three in total including my ex-"husband" It seemed to me it was the same, guy haha. It was worth its weight in goal to read these posts from 2011. It just happened that you thought that I was lying because it was the same guy. No offense taking! I was laughing. :)
  6. Thank you. Now I feel empowered, its not them it is me! I know they are losers and stay trying to fix them because I tell myself if I don't stay I am not committed. I guess this is what life is all about. At least now I know.
  7. oh my god. You are so right. I was re-reading my posts and since I was 26 it's like I've been dating the same guy. Holy sh**. This was a REAL wake-up call. I've been wasting my time dating losers and chasing after them. I've known better and stayed anyway. I have no one to blame but myself for dating losers and hoping different. It's pretty terrifying. DOn't know if I feel better or worse now.
  8. Apparently I cannot delete my account or even delete this thread?
  9. thank you all very much. I am going to re-read these posts a few times then I will be deleting my account and coming back as another username. Can't take any chances with the psycho...
  10. Yes, graduated from the hardknocks school for sure. I realize that these people do not only come in the form of partners! They are everywhere. If I had to marry him just to divorce this psycho out of my life then it was worth it. In the future, I will be on high alert at all times. I am not going to change who i am. I am just going to work on stronger boundaries and becoming more aware, that sick people are everywhere. I can be too trusting at times, because I don't think with that kind of malice. This is how I had to learn my lesson. It just bothers me that it was on such a public platform. 1
  11. All true. Regarding my picker, I think it is this need to want to be in a relationship because I really want to have a family. Not in a desperate way. I just want what most human beings want. Now, I've released the idea of ever being a Mom. I am just going to focus on living life one day at a time. IF it happens it happens if not, it doesn't. I can't allow myself to be manipulated by those who pray on my needs and weakeness when I don't have any that must be met by another. I am working on sealing those cracks that let him in in the first place. I feel stronger than I ever have. I took my powe
  12. then he said I don't think I want to have kids right away (which was the biggest blessing) but I was shocked! Now I realize, I wouldn't have gotten married so quickly if that was the case. He lied, lied, lied and baited me. I agree, sad situation. But what would have been sadder is knowing all of this and choosing to stay anyway. Horrible.
  13. Thank you all for your posts. I do not think my picker is off. These people are MASTER manipulators. The only reason why I got out so quick is because I trusted my instinct and stopped believing the lies. We got married too fast - that was my fault. He was pushing for a marriage as he knew I really wanted to have a family. Once the invites were sent out he picked a fight with me. This is what happened: I asked him for help with something for work. He replied - "what if I was dead, you'd need to learn to do things on your own" I never ask him for anything, and was floored when he said this espe
  14. Ok, yes you are right. I had my doubts. I did! Part of the reason why I feel so stupid. But he told me things that I believed which now I realize are all lies. I had no evidence as to why I was feeling this way. I wanted to call of the wedding, but I had no reason why. He had just started a new job and thought maybe he was just stressed out. When I went through his computer and journals after he stopped having sex with me after we got married... I discovered he had a porn addiction. He had visited sites like nofap.com to break free. At first, I thought here is a concientious man that doesn
  15. Hi Gary, yes he hid it really well. When i kicked him out of my house after I discovered he had been struggling with a porn addiction and DIDN'T TELL me while we were dating, he turned around a day later and told me he thinks I have Borderline Personality Disorder. Previous to all of this I reached out to his mom and sister for support because he would say hurtful things and they opened up to me about their late husband/father who would do the same thing. I was looking for support in how to deal with this. When he found out he said I soured the wells and ruined our marriage by involving his fa
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