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Are we getting back together? Or am I still his ex or just a friend?

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I don't feel like I'm loved by him like before anymore, but he is still stick around me. There is no words of love or any bf&gf-ish actions such as kiss or sex at all. What is his intension and what am I for him?


We have known each other over 2 years and still spent lots of time together like hours everyday. For quick information, he is 24 yo, I am 25, and both are students who are working for part time. We both don't have any family here for some reasons. We initially broke up in Sep 2016 and I don't know why. After that, we were like getting back together but he didn't want to admit that. He was dating or I think had some other girls friends at that time. Every time when I found that out, we had dramas and I was walking away. But he stop me all the time and I couldn't resist it because I still love the stupid guy. And I've tried to tell him my feeling and opinions. Some times he even said he still loves me but only in that kind of situations not daily.


Our last "drama" was before last Christmas, and now we're meeting everyday even earlier today too. But we haven't had any romantic or sexual activities at all more than 6 months and I am worried if he cannot see me as a girl anymore. I still love him as a guy and I don't think I am bad-looking or unattractive as a woman. He still hasn't talked about our relationship, but saying he's thinking of living together after our graduation in May.


I am so confused and don't know what to do. Should I wait for him to come back like before or give up on him and move on? If he see me as just a female friend, what is his intention about this situation? I still want to have the small hope but feel like I want to be treated like other normal girl such as going date, having dinner or relaxing time together or something usual because I'm kind of getting tired of...

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So you were sexual, but after your official break up and getting back together he's expressed no interest in you romantically. I don't know how a man would be able to do that unless he has totally lost all feeling for you. I would tell you to stop hanging around with him as much and start dating before you graduate because college represents the best time to meet people who are smart, intelligent, and interesting. After college it becomes much more difficult to meet people of quality who have the same interests as you do. And certainly do not move in with him after graduation. You don't want an old boyfriend hanging around seeing who you're dating or what you're doing.

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