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Harvest Moon


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My ex is with someone else (and very much trying to make it work) and sent me this cover of harvest moon. why? some sick way of saying she cares about me as a friend?

She and the other person were broken up for a little while and we re-entered each other's lives. I left my guard up but still haven't resolved the resentment. she decided to give him another chance, then realized she may be hurting me. I pulled back and she kept sending a few texts here and there and sent me this song.


I'm continuing to pull back and probably reading too much into it. it's not fair to send this song no matter how innocent her interpretation of it.



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These things happen. People aren't machines. We have emotions. And every once in a while we'll think nostalgically about an ex. I sent a birthday card to my ex about seven months after we broke up. I got an angry reply back from her. An ex sent me back a small scarab from Egypt I had given her, and this was months after we had broken up. I demanded to know why she sent me back what had been a gift. I called an ex up one time when I had been given tickets to a concert and I had no one to go with. Luckily she wasn't home because I'm sure I would have gotten a nasty comment.


So it happens. Try not to read too much into it. People do this. You might do it too. Just think twice if you're tempted to do it.

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You were together then separated

You two re-entered each other lives when she was separated from dude.

She re-entered his life

She is sending you songs and texts

She is keeping you around so she can come back to you if they separate again.

You are relationship back up for her

Close that door

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I'm very close to doing it.


follow up: what is the point of these breadcrumbs? for attention? and to ease any guilt, subconsciously?


The point may be to let you know she is thinking of you, on friendly terms.

The point may be she is mind f****** you.

The point may be she wants to keep your mind on her in case her relationship fails.

Who knows. Try not to dissect it, just ignore it.


My ex sent me a really gross song, "Closer" by Nine Inch Nails.

I can't even post it here. The lyrics are that bad.

It made me feel like an object, unvalued, which was most likely the reason he sent it.


So how did the song she sent make you feel? It was to invoke a reaction.

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The point may be to let you know she is thinking of you, on friendly terms.


This one diagusts me. Makes me think that she needs to give me validation...and I can't tell if I need it. (Maybe I want what I can't have).


During her and the guy's break she came full force..wanting to hamg out during the week, exercise, dinner, invited me to go on vacation months from now. Of course that's stopped. I can't even imagine how awkward the trip would be if I bought tickets (not that I would have).


So far the consesus is to ignore it..to ignore her. Even those off the website tell me this.


I kind of told her that I wouldn't be able to talk to her if she gets back with him...she didn't care. Even more proof thay I should say good riddens.


..talk about 2 giant steps backward.

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Yes, exactly. You have been demoted to friendzone and fanclub. This is the kind of drivel people post on social media to "express themselves". Don't be her backup plan/fan. Go strict no contact and block her.

what is the point of these breadcrumbs? for attention? and to ease any guilt, subconsciously?
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