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  1. I took a nap and feel better - not as riled up as before. I can't remember why exactly I felt so bad this morning. I mean I remember why, but not how it got to me so much. Maybe I'm distancing myself already. I do have my doubts about her as a life partner aside from this. Sometimes I feel our energies are different - as if we aren't on the same page and don't think similarly. And tbh, this is truly why I wouldn't try long distance. We just don't have a strong enough foundation (and no concrete plan for being in the same city any time soon) to attempt something long distance. We have spen
  2. Should I tell her how much this has been bothering me or just let it be. We likely will not keep dating long distance
  3. Thanks. I've had similar thoughts. The person I'm to spend my life with wouldn't let me feel like this. I also question why she's the only one to tell me about the past. Are the feelings I'm having in this situation somewhat normal? I feel I should seriously keep reflecting to find out where they come from. (But also, the right people/person won't allow me to feel these in the first place, right?)
  4. I've been dating a girl for 3 months now during quarantine. We've gotten pretty close. At the beginning she would tell me about about past sex partners (she told me she does this to show worth - she's discussed it as something she doesn't like with her therapist). I've told her I really don't like it. I have an insecurity about it, it bothers me for a bit then I get over it. She's told me about her most recent bf who she's friends with, and I'm ok with it. No insecurity. Maybe because she speaks so highly of him and has assured me they are friends and it was never as romantic as our relati
  5. Thanks again for listening and giving advice (everyone!).
  6. She has a lot going on right now. Work and personal and can't see me anymore. Sucks but I'm happy we met
  7. Mm I'm labeling it as a ghost starting last week! And yeah, getting more perspective on what casual means is helpful. She knows I'm interested and will reach out if she is, too. Can't really see the benefit I'm following up AGAIN
  8. Didn't think of that. Hopefully I didn't distract in a bad way 🤷🏽♂️. Will never know. So waiting it out it is, I suppose.
  9. I guess I want more than casual then. But even in a casual setting is it too much to ask for a response?
  10. I never followed up on my previous post. For anyone who was following it: i was definitely obsessed with an idea and the loss of good feelings for me. Makes me wonder about my question today 😜. Matched with a woman, texted for about a week (a lot) until I returned from vacation. Went on 3 dates in about 10 days. All lasted a long time - lots of convo and even her giving many indications she's super interested. Even saying she's really happy we got together. She then went out of town and got very busy but still kept up with talking now and then. Sent a text last week wishing her luck on a
  11. Guys, I definitely want to come back to all this in 1-2 weeks with a clearer mind. It'll be a good exercise for me. I'm reflecting on everything said here, even if I've disagreed with it in the moment. There's too much to really process and absorb and apply in a couple days
  12. Thanks. I would ask to be friends sincerely. I was thinking out loud and asked if I'm being honest with myself. Bluecastle was right, as you are, in that I would at this point just want more. So, I'm not crossing that bridge.
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