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What would you do/feel in this situation?


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Hi! I and my bf are dating exclusively since last 3 months (but have been friends since 2 years). We both are in our early 20s.


So the other day I was on facebook and for some reason I saw that this girl liked something he posted so I checked out her profile (they are very good friends by the way). I happened to see that my bf liked and commented on her profile pic.


The comment he left was “Marry me!”.

She replied "Ummmmmm not a good idea!"

And then he replied "Okay! Perhaps in next life!".


I know they are friends since before we started dating. Not sure how I really feel about this, because he is very sweet and loving to me and so far I have no complains but this.


How would you feel/react in this situation? Any thoughts?

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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