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I'm 17 never had and never wanted a realationship with some until I met this girl (who I'm going to refer to as M). M was perfect for me we liked the same music, shows on Netflix, the outdoors, and we related in other personal ways. When I met her I was 16 and didnt know how to talk to girls cause i was antisocial and her boyfriend when I first met her was someone who bullied me in elementary school and whose friends still talk about me today when I'm the lest person for the people that know me. When there realationship ended I started talking to her cause she dumped him cause he was an just like he was to me. We had short kinda stupid conversations but I was happy for once in my life. Then we went to a meeting for class we took and since there little time till next class we sat at a table and talked. Then this guy (who I will name S) came and randomly sat with us and started talking. He sexually harassed her and being the scrawny scared I was at the time I just sat there terrified. After that we kinda wanted to pretend that never happened and went on doing what we were doing. Talking more and me getting more comfortable talking to her. S went on this field trip to and when I noticed him annoying I pushed him away and told him to off and he just walked away and briefly hugged me and thanked me and she stuck with me the rest of that day and we talked alot and had fun. The next she didnt really want to talk with me ( maybe it's cause we talked so much yesterday idk so I stayyed within the vaccinaty of her but didnt talk directly to her). I noticed M and S became friends became friends and later in the day I asked M is he being an ass and she said no so again stayed with in vaccinity but not talking to her she was talking to S. The next day I'm not even being spoken to by her and when we did speak she has no emotion what so ever. When we got back she talks to everyone else normally but me. I am completely visible but painfully being ignored and idk why. I'd rather her just tell me she dosent like me and that be the end of it.


What should I do this has been going on for a week and all I want to do is talk to her.

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I'm sorry you're hurting, OP.


For what it's worth, I don't think her cold attitude has anything to do with you personally. It sounds like she was enjoying getting to know you, in fact. Unfortunately, it also seems that her ex is not a nice person and probably told her to avoid you when he realized she was becoming friendly with you. I genuinely don't think she doesn't like you; I imagine she just isn't totally finished with her ex and he's making it difficult for her to cut ties and move on.


I would keep my distance for now. Unless and until she is ready to drop this guy, it will be hard for you to become close to her.

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Thank You for Replying,

How long do you think i should keep my distance for, and from when they broke up early October-Early December they have barely speaked to each other and now shes starting to talk to him again after she told me all he does is vape and she felt forced in that realationship. Even though she told me these things about him do you think she would want to be back in a realationship with him

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