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  1. My boyfriend and I have been together for almost 10 months. We've established some rules in the relationship. one of them happens to be when we argue, we take a couple of steps back. Then come back to each other on a very neutral platform and discuss the things about our relationship. I have been communicating on my end to him about how I feel without sounding like I am attacking him. I always choose my words carefully so that way, I am expressing how I feel rather than point fingers at him. Today we had a heated argument. I simply gave off the vibe of not caring anymore. I stopped communicati
  2. The a-hole from the he ignored my family problems thread has started adding and messaging my friends and Co workers and supervisors. I told you guys when I saw the guy at the bar and he ignored me when I bring up personal stuff, a girlfriend friend took his side and said he doesn't know what to say. Well... he added her on FB. She told me. I told her I don't care if they date. I been busy with family stuff. She claimed she didn't want to date him but has since disappeared (we would see each other everyday) now it's only short calls I make to her. My married supervisor messaged me with a pic sh
  3. My mother in law has crossed the line and called me out of my name bc my husband wouldn’t do what she wanted him to do.But recently she has taken it a step further and disrespected me again on top of harassing me.Being nosey in my hubbys phone I noticed they’ve been speaking everyday when I went out of town for a funeral.Am I wrong to feel betrayed on his part when he knows how bad she disrespected me and he keeps speaking to her like nothing is wrong??
  4. In order to keep this as unbiased as possible, I won't say who I am in this situation - although I'm sure some will guess anyway (this is hard) There are two friends - they have been close friends for over ten years. Friend A invites friend B to start playing an MMO with them. Friend B does, starts to enjoy the game, ends up joining friend A's guild and starts becoming a part of that community. Things are going well, both friends are enjoying the game and how things are going. This is the first time in a while that friend B has had the chance to successfully integrate into a group setting a
  5. It's been a while I asked anything here. I feel like asking an oracle. I mean I hope for a helpful answer, but I know oracles don't really exist, unless you count that thing responsible for memory leaks. So, long story short, I'm a scientist, and a few years ago I returned home to my third world country. I was coming after a long and very scary period when I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, and I lost my previous job. Things happened so fast. I bought an apartment, I got promoted at work to the highest senior researcher position in just three years... Things seemed to look up. Now I'm r
  6. I'm 39; I'm a chemist-turned software application admin. I was in an application support role for about a year and a half working with this data management software that labs are using to go paperless, when the pharm. company I was at for 15 yrs went under. I got into the software role because that company thought I was good at the various softwares we were using, and I loved it. Well, it came to an end and I got hired by another company that is a far drive, that is known for being somewhat cheap but the people are really nice. When they hired me they knew my level of experience and I
  7. So there is this girl who told me that she is now talking to the guy that I used to date. She told me that she is his girl and the one that he is talking to now. Ok no big deal i'm not with him anymore but then she found out that the guy is no good by other people and that he has a history of sexually harassing girls. I know how the guy is unfortunately i had to find out the hard way, didn't know he was crazy and yes he is bad news but if she wants to talk to him that's her business but I did make a comment, not sure if it was my place to make it but I told her and I quote "It just blows my mi
  8. Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum and need some help. I'm emotionally exhausted and don't know what to do with this situation. I've been with my partner for a long time now, and about a year into our relationship it became obvious that his mom is abusive. When I say abuse I'm mostly referring to emotional abuse, manipulation, extreme violent outbursts, and sometimes physical abuse. Her husband is naive and scared of her, so backs her up. My partner knows she is sick and that she is abusive but it's impossible to talk to her or her husband without another huge outburst. This makes it impossibl
  9. To make a long story short, my boyfriends parents have a band and their drummer has always been a little crazy. He has a criminal background, and they ended up kicking him out of the band. Right after that he took down the website he made for the band and hacked into their Facebook accounts. He uses multiple spoof numbers to harass. It started with him harassing my boyfriends parents with constant calls and pornographic texts, and it moved on to me and my bf. this has been happening for over a month now. He uses different IP addresses to make it harder to trace him down. We have made over 12 p
  10. There's this guy in my department who no one really knows that much about. He intrigues me and I want to get to know him better. Would it be considered harassment if I asked him a bunch of questions about himself? I was considering asking him out for coffee after work. I don't want to make him feel uncomfortable though and I don't want to be charged with harassment.
  11. i am 17 years old and 2 days ago i was drinking at the cabin with 30 of my friends.. i had so much to drink I don't remember 1-2 hours of the night. I'm hearing about my behaviour and i think I'm an idiot. anyways, this happened because i was alone in the same room for a second with my guy friend of 5 years. i don't remember anything else with him but briefly kissing him. He ed me. I would have never if i was sober, he is a dirtbag and my third kill now. I feel raped but when i was drunk i told my friends i wanted to him. Does this mean he had consent? he ed me for 10 minutes then went out to
  12. So it's been a year and 3 months since me and my ex broke up. I struggled a lot for a good 6 months, he accused me of cheating and wouldn't hear it any other way (I was innocent but my previous ex made some trouble for us which my then bf believed) so I couldn't prove my innocence and he kept harassing me saying how cruel and heartless I was etc, so I blocked him on everything because it was just making it worse. Fast forward 6months of no contact and I Changed over my phone and it accidently unblocked him and a week later I randomly get a message from him saying how many days have passed sinc
  13. Long story short, I started seeing a girl who recently moved close to my hometown. She has school on the weekdays but we’ve been constantly seeing each other during the weekends. She told me beforehand that she still has feelings for her ex and was concomitant with me; which I completely understood. Her ex is very emotionally manipulative. He would constantly bombard her with texts, emails, etc. she would constantly block him but then feel bad or be afraid he would hurt himself (which he has done in the past.). When she starts talking to someone new, he calls her horrible names and starts
  14. Hi all, I’m hoping someone might have some good advice for me, especially those who have experienced something similar. Thanks in advance. A brief background: I was working in my profession for a long time before pursuing a Masters degree in the field. I moved away from my home region to pursue my Masters degree, and fell in love with the city where I studied. After graduation, I moved back home where I was promoted at my existing workplace to a permanent job that I was enjoying. Soon after the promotion, I saw a permanent job posted in the city where I studied, at the location where I h
  15. Stupid question, but I want to find answers, because I look for the answer I do not find it. I have revisited my life since my childhood and I have never done wrong to others. Then I do not understand, could anyone help me? Could you tell me who can help me to life my live again without the constant harassment of others. Why they do what they do and why they keep doing it?
  16. Throughout my years at upper school, there was a guy who wasn't particularly popular (as in he was just rude, mean, inconsiderate and sometimes politically offensive as in he could be racist or just make awful comments). A lot of people didn't think highly of him and he did have run-ins with a few people. This guy was definitely insecure with himself and I don't know if the fact he'd lost his mum at a young age had anything to do with the way he acted towards people but a lot of people observed that he was particularly abusive towards me. I'll refer to him as the 'harasser' It started out wi
  17. Hi all, Im a 15 yr old 9th grade bisexual male. Well I was harassed in school alot today. Well 1st, in english the teacher was handing out workbooklets and then she gave me mine. I opened it up on the 1st page and by my name someone had written fag and homo in black sharpy in big letters. Plus they drew a penis which I have to admit made me laugh cuz whoever it was didnt even know hot to draw one! Well i showed to my friend and she quickly got the book and took it to the teacher. The teacher then asked me if I knew who it was and happily replaced my book and told me to tell her if I found out.
  18. I’m male in my early 50’s that recently has started a new job and after 2 months i have a middle aged recently divorced female boss that keeps putting her hands on me. So far she has had her hand on the middle of my back rubbing me straight up and down the middle of my back while we were talking one day when i first started the job, after that 5 other things have happened that include, Coming up from behind me at work and putting both her hands around my neck for making a data entry mistake, Coming up from behind me and patting me on the back as she walked by me while i was working, Coming up
  19. We've all made the classic mistakes of messages/gifts/phone calls/letters/begging with ex's. What I don't think many realise it's easy for this behaviour to constitute as both harassment and stalking. I've just discovered in the UK there only needs 2 documented instances of unwanted contact to constitute as these behaviours. I'm not sure about other countries but that scared me into committing to no contact more than I already was. Sure we all get caught up in our emotions but when someone breaks up with us. What we may see as as persistent hollywood romantic someone else sees uncomfortable
  20. I’ve been friends with her for a few years. I’ve told her time and time again that I don’t like texting. I’ve told her face to face. I’ve told her over text. I told her the pressure is too much. She can send anything between 2-5 questions on EACH text and sends between 10 and 20 texts before I respond. So that’s a billion questions and my phone constantly going off. She’ll text even when I’m busy with my family or in courses... I’ve been honest in every way possible. I’ve been nice, I’ve been nasty. It just won’t stop. I’m considering going to the police but I don’t want to ruin her life...
  21. Started a job and it’s been a month and I got sick and started coughing, I got my co workers sick too and 3 of co workers always says it’s all your fault . What can I do about it, yea I got sick but it’s out of my control . I guess it spread to them and they are coughing and once in while get the it’s all your fault. What do you guys think Also get harassed at work like my trainer would joke around saying oh today your last day, get your box ready, those jokes and this was before I got sick too Oh he’ll make fun of your shirt saying it’s for girls even though I got it from men’s section,
  22. I'm 17 never had and never wanted a realationship with some until I met this girl (who I'm going to refer to as M). M was perfect for me we liked the same music, shows on Netflix, the outdoors, and we related in other personal ways. When I met her I was 16 and didnt know how to talk to girls cause i was antisocial and her boyfriend when I first met her was someone who bullied me in elementary school and whose friends still talk about me today when I'm the lest person for the people that know me. When there realationship ended I started talking to her cause she dumped him cause he was an jus
  23. I'm on a work assignment 800 miles away from home, I've been here 6 months. I took my company stipend to pay for my housing while here. I found a guy who was renting out a furnished studio (no kitchen) in his mansion with a private bathroom and private entrance into my unit. He was on Craigslist. He wanted a deposit in case I ruined any of the furniture, etc, but according to our "rental agreement" I would get it back if there is no damage, which there is not. I gave him a 8 weeks notice of my last day. Ever since then, he's been very obnoxious. He sends at least 2 texts per week asking when
  24. Hi guys, I need some help and advice. My ex girlfriend of almost 2,5 years left me for someone else. She kissed him at the end of our relationship and broke up with me and she is now dating him. I don't want to put her on a pedestal or anything, but I want to know if I was wrong or not. There were problems in our communication, she was very jealous and sometimes a bit psycho (thinking I was cheating even though I'm a really good guy). When she had another "episode", she would do and say nasty things. She kept calling me names, ignoring me when mad instead of talking things through,
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