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  1. ok so i kinda need a view from a 16-18 year old guy, i would post my problem on the site but the problem i have with a boy is actually harassing me about this site so if you could possibly pm me, and i can give you some info. i just need to know if the problem is normal for most guys or whatever.
  2. I walk to work every morning and admit to not living in the best part of town. I am always on guard and am always aware of the people around me as I walk. I never wear my head phones for fear of being mugged one day..... This happens to me on somewhat of a regular basis where some loser will make comments to me as they pass me. The comments are obviously not genuine or sincere. I just don't understand where some men think that they can say something to a total stranger as they walk by them? Even if it's a "hello"...it's not a genuine hello...it's a perverted hello. What is the purpose of the whistling? The hoots and hollers? Is it because I am a single female walking alone and they feel dominant by making perverted comments? I feel disgusted when this happens and half the time I will say something defensive back. I certainly feel like I'm being harassed. Any comments from the good people of the forum?
  3. Ok well 3 days ago I met this kid named Steven. Steven asked me out and I said yeah, not knowing he had an obsessive ex that would just bout kill for him. She is harassing me left and right, he is such a sweetheart though, I mean i didnt think he was worth all the trouble til last night when he slept over my friends house with me. He respects me, well he wanted to do stuff anf he tried to push me into it, BUT he knew when to stop, and I really like that bout him! I mean im not ready for sex, im only 14 years old I use to think I was but not no more! Well im so afraid of fallin in 2 deep with him and get hurt. But he promised me he never broke up with girls he hates it, that he lets the gurl break up with him! But I dunno. I asked him what he would do if a girl cheated on him would he dump her, and he said no he'd tell the gurl its either him or the guy. I mean i dunno, I really like him. I just hope he dont hurt me. Which I highly dout he will but....theres always chances wut should I do?
  4. I have indicated on my previous post that my supervisor and I had an argument. We also agreed that we'll leave each other alone (no contact) and work will be strictly professional. So with the help of 2 other people, we sorted out the problem; my job will never be endangered, as what happened was outside of work. (The only time that she will bring our past issue or involve my job security is if I do something bad to her, as in threaten her, harass her, etc.). I thought the whole thing was in the past...I might be wrong... So as we agreed on, we left each other alone...I sent her a last email, indicating that "If everything was not back to the way it was--before we started going out, within the span of 1 month, I will leave the company. I will not explain myself to anyone, including the big boss." Obviously, one month is long enough for things to go back the way they were before. I mean, we're both adults;we can handle our situation as one. There were things that I never indicated before. One is that I had threatened her--in writing. I never intentionally threatened her; I was angry at myself for pushing her away, I was so mad that all of my anger was eventually realeased, unfortunately, at her. Another is that she have many times told me that "she doesn't know what she is doing", meaning that she makes decisions without knowing what the concequences are, and she eventually regrets it. Part of me feels that she knows that she made a mistake with her decision of ending her friendship with me. I can't bring it up again, because of the "harassment issue." I am torn and don't know what to do. Should I aske to be her friend again or not? Within the past few days, I treat her as "just one of my co-workers", as in as co-workers that I don't usually talk to or do not talk at all--that's how we started--we don't speak with each other much. I know I'm wrong, but she makes me feel that she wants me back--as in she tries to catch my attention all the time. Not by flashing her legs or something to that extent. It makes me believe more about what I had indicated in the previous paragraph. Yesterday, some co-workers and I decided to hang out after work--including the guy who kept on flirting with her before. This same guy "who's got the hots for her" had ask her out before (she said no before) and asked her out again, this time to hang out with us. I don't really care now, it they are the "official" or not. But she still said no. I'm not sure if the reason she said no is because, she knew I was going to be there or she wants me, not him to invite her. Whatever it was, I don't know. Should I pursue her friendship again? What do you think, why she said no to the guy? What's your opinion on our situation?
  5. Hello, Awhile back I posted several messages to this forum entitled "Girlfriend Stopped Calling" and "Valentines Day Dilemma". Since it will be lengthy and time consuming to rehash the entire story of my relationship with "Mary", I'll get straight to the point. Me and "Mary" have known eachother for almost 6 years and have had a romantic relationship on and off during those years culminating with an engagement around Christmas 2000. We split in June, 2002, reconciled several months later, and then split again back in early January(hence, her not calling me). Over a month passed before she did call me-approximately a week after Valentine's Day. Now she is comp[laining and whining about a series of harassing telephone calls made to her recently. She says it all stems from the rejection of one her so-called best friends "Bill". While me and "Mary" were hardly speaking to eachother last Summer, she started dating somebody else. That relationship started to fall apart and "Bill" asked "Mary" to sleep with him. Since the other relationship was not officially terminated, she turned him down. Now "Bill" has stopped speaking to her and told his friends so they are calling her asking why she rejected him. In all honesty, I think the two did sleep together but it seems silly to me that his friends would call and harass her over that. What really irks me is that she never told me that some other guy asked her to sleep with him, even when we made up. She is also telling me that other guys want to be with her. She keeps asking me why "Bill" would just turn his back her like that for not sleeping with him. Furthermore, a guy with whom she attended high school(we'll call him "Kevin") suddenly popped back into her life and while me and "Mary were not speaking during January and early February, they have had dinner together several times and went bowling. "Kevin" ended up telling her that he was too busy to spend any time with her, yet has the nerve to ask her to help him move into his apartment on March 29(which I think is a ploy to get the two of them alone so he can do something to her-if he was any kind of man he'd do it himself). Again, "Mary" moans and groans to me about guys just "dropping" her. To top everything off, I saw "Mary" on March 1. She came over to my house and we talked for about an hour. I finally got sick and tired of listening to her drama so I told her to get out. She started crying and I said,"Well, you can just sit here and cry all day but I have better things to do." I started to leave the room when she grabbed my arm from behind. I turned around, and with that she threw her arms around my neck. One thing led to another and we started kissing. My hands were all over her in no time, and she did not care where I put them. We ended up making love and after that she left. Now she is still calling me 1-2 times a week, telling me the same old crap about her life. Now she is telling me that she feels as if somebody is following her. She and her friends were out walking around in her neighborhood one night when several cars, a Cadillac Escalade and something else, kept passing by them. I told her that I wouldn't worry about it, maybe they were just lost or something, but she cannot be convinced otherwise. Frankly, I am sick and tired of hearing this. What ticks me off the most is her still calling me her "Teddy Bear" and telling me that she wants to continue sleeping with me and that I need to go out and buy protection if we are to do so. I could care less about sleeping with her again because even though she tells me I was her first and only partner, I think she is full of it. If she really gave one rat's behind about me, she would spend alot of time with me, she would call me everyday even if I didn't, and she would love me for who I am and not what I have given her in the past. Despite the fact that we did make love again, she can't even answer my question as to whether or not we are back together. All she can tell me is,"Start calling me everyday and my answer will change." I refuse to call her anymore because she is not making an effort to call or see me more. It is as if she came back to rub salt in the wound. I was almost over her and here she is leading me on again. Is it worth it to talk to her again and call her more often or should I just walk away? Any advice will be greatly appreciated... Sincerely, Jason
  6. When I was a a little kid I got sexually harassed and for a while it really messed with my head. Finally I mostly got over it, but in my early teen years I had sex with this guy who was my first love. He ended up dumping me a while after, which broke my heart. Anyway...I met some other guys and now I have had sex with 4 different people each multiple times and im not even out of my teens!! Sometimes I feel like when I am with a guy I have to have sex. It's not because of them, it's just me. It's like i feel starved for their affection. Lately I have been connecting it to my past, do you guys think this is a defenite connection? I come from a great family with two parents who are sending me to an expensive prep school and everything. It just seems like I have no morals with sex. I don't necessarily feel like a slut, but I feel like I need to set myself boundaries or something. I just set myself up in situations to get hurt. Any suggestions?
  7. I was with someone for about four months when he abused me. I moved out, and pressed charges...he was ordered to pay restitution. I was stupid and continued to see him, we were together for about two years total and we just offically ended things in June. My question is this, he was ordered to pay me 600 dollars in restitution. I have received two checks in a year and half totally 200. When I looked up the sentencing papers, I realized he was supposed to be paying 100 dollars a month til it was paid off. He obviously has not been doing that. Now the problem is this. Do I A. Call him and try to be nice about it(theres a long story behind it, but basically we are not on good terms. He started talking to me after we broke up, behind his gfs back..she found out..his family thought I was trying to break them up and threatened to call the police for harassment..I have never harassed him, in fact, it was the other way around if anything.) B. Call the courts and let them deal with it, leading to court and possibly more jailtime for him. The choice that seems obvious would be B. But, I know that this could quite possibly land him back in jail, and to be honest, I really don't want to see that happen. Not because there are still feelings or anything, but I think it could be resolved without that. I know that either route I take, I am going to get heat for it. If I call him, his sister may possibly call the police(even though there is nothing to call for), his girlfriend may get the wrong idea, or he may even yell. But if I let the courts handle it, I am afraid of how they will all handle it, and they will all be even more angry at me then. The other problem is that when this went to court, he was given a no contact order, which he obviously has broken. Does anyone know how that would affect me? Could I get in trouble? Im afraid if this goes to court they will say Im just trying to get back at him for having a new girlfriend and that I am harassing them and that I broke the no contact order(Although I have phone records and witnesses to prove otherwise) I am really undecided about this situation. I don't want to be too nice, but I really would like to just end this, without court if possible. Any suggestions would be greatly appriciated.
  8. I'll try and keep this short. My husband of 17 years had an affair with his boss. I only found out after it had been over because she threatened to tell me and my children. She wanted him to quit so she could move on repairing her marriage of 26 years. She harassed my husband for over 10 months, doing everything in her power to get him to quit. When I found out about the affair, I immediately told him he must quit and find another job, but he wouldn't. (best job he has ever had) We went to counseling, found out he had another affair in the beginning of our marriage, and also got out of him he could not promise me he could be faithful the rest of out marriage (red flag). He also said he doesn't want to hurt me, the woman that has done more for him in his whole life, anymore. So he told me he is leaving, and wants a divorce. He told me I would never be able to trust him again, and he is probably correct. He will be moving out in a few weeks. He keeps saying that he knows this is the biggest mistake of his life, leaving me, but he can't hurt me anymore that he already has. My dilema is the continous desire to hurt the two of them like I have and will be hurt and well as my children. My husbands hurt will come in time. Losing everything. To hurt the OW, I have drafted a letter informing all the co-workers where they work what has happened between the two of them. (They mainly had sex before work in the conference room) I only stated facts and harassment charges that their HR dept. swept under the rug. (Husband filed harassment charges that the HR directed told him he was over reacting) If anything, I feel I will get closure, it will be the one thing that will stop haunting me. Everything else I have been able to deal with. Please respond if revenge for you was sweet!
  9. I am so absolutely lost. I have never known what stability felt like and I definetly want it to be different for my child. But it is not going well. I married the wrong person, got in some bad circumstances where these people in my extended family harassed me where the harassment followed me out of state. So I moved to another where I reside with my father. Well we moved into this house he was renting with the lease option to buy. Now he tells me he doesn't know if he'll meet the lease agreement and then they would have to sell this house again. which means we are gone again. I am dizzy from moving so much. And this isn't the life I wanted. and not the lifestyle for my child. I am going to get a job in July because it may take that long for the state to be able to assist me with child care costs. Then I could help him keep the house so we could stay put. But then I feel like I should buy my own house which I can't do because of bad credit. This whole "life" thing is quickly becoming a nightmare and out of control. I strongly want to hit the red "exit" button, but I can' t find it,lol. If I didn't have child, I would consider suicide. Even with I can consider, but fully know it is not a possibility. This is certainly not what I wanted for us. I want stability and safety and bright futures. I don't know what to expect, just to vent, or suggestions, whatever works...
  10. I've been at my job three years. There is one woman there who has always acted strange toward me, but lately it's starting to become a real problem. I am a pretty quiet person, especially at work. I find that there really aren't many people worth talking to, so I don't talk much. But this woman always feels the need to talk to me, and every time she does she makes some snarky comment. The other day she came up to me and said "So I heard your taking some vacation time soon?" I told her she heard right. She asked where I was going. I told her back home for two weeks. She asked if I got my tickets yet. I told her I did. She said "So are they one way tickets?" in a really snotty way and walked off. I'm originally from Norway. I have lived here almost ten years. This seems to be the cause for her rudeness. Two years ago I was granted US citizenship. She heard about this, and walked right up to me and said "So now you can stop sucking up all our tax dollars and pay the governement like the rest of us." One time she said something to me and when I didn't respond right away she said "Hello? Do you even understand what I'm saying?" It used to be I just ignored her. But lately it's becoming more and more frequent. Before I go to the boss I want to say something to her. I don't really know what to say to her though. I feel like I am being harassed. How can I talk to her about this in a way I know she'll take seriously?
  11. When it gets near the "anniversary" of my getting dumped, I always feel terrible for some reason. Today I feel really lonely and dejected whereas I've been feeling fine for the last 3 or so weeks. It's true that this is the first eveing I'll probably have to spend alone for ages. When I'm like this I get really clingy and start ringing all my friends in the vague hope someone will invite me to do something. I'm sacred to be left by myself when things get like this. It feels like I'm harassing them or something, and I'm sure people can sense ow desperate I sound. Any tips on what to do when life plays around with you like this ??
  12. Ok..in a few other posts, i have mentioned a guy from work. i stopped posting about him cause i was interested in some one else..and i didnt think i had a chance cause he is 23, but the truth is, i dont really like any one else. the more guys i meet, the more i realize i really like Ryan. Hes just the sweetest guy to me and always seems to make me laugh,even when i dont feel like smiling. hes always telling me how pretty i am, how wonderful and sweet i am. and i do the same about him. we both have a tendency to put ourselves down and always seem to make eachother feel better. just tonight, he told me that i make him wanna be a a better person, which i think is the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me. he looks out for me, when this guy was harassing me, he told me if it happened again hed speak with the guy. this is just all too perfect. but..i dont know if he sees me as a friend or as something more. if he does see me as somethin more..hed say something right? i dont want to be the one to mention it because it would be weird since we are coworkers..i dont want anything to be awkward. its just..hes the best thing that has ever happened to me...and i dont wanna let him go. HELP! please... *Sarah*
  13. I have separated from my wife now for a four weeks. ANd i have to admit it was long over due, but have come to realize that maybe I was more right about some things that i thought. We are just really beginning to negioate and i know that it will take time and lots of give and take, but i find the following amazing. We separated owing a decent amount of people and we both had invidual debts. Not a ton compared to most but maybe outside a mortgage owing 5-6K, not too bad i guess. I made it a point to say (right or wrong) I'd handle the debt, on both sides. Hers and Mine... it was incurred as a couple so i'll pay it. and within 4 weeks i have eliminated or paid 90% of it and NOW all i hear is how in the hell are you doing that? Now's shes complaining that I'm paying things off and belly aching as to where things are coming from? Granted i had tarried on claiming some travel at work, but for the most part not having to deal with her writing checks and not accounting for some has eliminated so much worry that now i CAN TAKE CARE OF things better. But i'm being harassed now for cleaning up her mess. With some people you cant win. Life surely goes on. No regrets on living my life again.
  14. i was with my girl for 4 year and i really love her, we have been split up for 3 month and for the first month i really harassed her, i didnt know what i was doing my head had gone. now im trying to give her space should i get her a present or not, i really want her back and would do anything, its been 2 weeks since we last spoke and it hard, but i know that absense will make the hart grow fonder she is really trying to mess with me its a side of her i havent seen cos i really hurt her, her mam came around mine the other night and told me that she never wants me back, but she tells my friends that she is really hurting and hates her life without me whats going on, does anyone think i should get her a present or leave it and see what happens
  15. ok well i posted a poem on a site similar to enotalone and i have got some of the harshest criticism ive ever hear in my oppinion it is bordering on harassment. he says my writing skill resembles that of a 13 year old girl and my word choice is the equivilent of a nascar commercial. should i just take this is it wrong that im getting upset. he said i can choose to listen to the truth (him) or the suck ups (the other, not exact words that site has no sencors) anyone who has read any of my poems do they really suck? and is it wrong im getting upset over this? -sTiTcHeS
  16. Grab a beer/coffee kick up your feet and get ready for a soap opera for this. I'm currently 20, shes 18. We started dating in November of last year. Now its a small town and we've been on off friends for 4 years and just decided to give it a go. Well, she always hated the guy I was, and loved they guy she know I could be. The guy she hated was the immature guy who like porn and though about sex all the time, the me she met 4 years ago. The guy she knows I could be is the one that is loving, caring, loves to have fun and all that good stuff. Anyways.....she waited and waited and we went through a lot for me to finally be that guy. I gave up a lot for her, my free time, a lot of my friends, opposite sex friends, just to show her that I was that guy. I hid the whole watching porn thing from her, what guy doesnt watch it? Well, for some stupid reason I hung onto it cause it really was that little private thing I still had, well she would always get offended and hurt by it and ignore everything i had already given up by concentrating on that one thing. So things were rocky at best. We started to drift apart and I needed time to think things over and test my feelings for her. I went out and hung out with a female friend, didnt feel right and that was the end. She had suspicions that I did, I kept it from her cause it held no importance to me and she'd flip out anyway. Well, I came clean and told her and after that it was no holds barred and she contacted her ex of three years and hung out with him. Well, his motorcycle was parked in her driveway when she was supposed to be inside doing work for her college class, I found where she was downtown and confronted her. It turned into a pretty big argument and amongst it all, I threw her car keys on the roof of a single story video store and left. 3 Hours later the local police station calls and says they have to arrest me for stealing her keys, under a mandated new york state domestic law. So I went through all that and a temporary order of protection was placed on me, against both our wishes. Well we continued to see eachother and the next night we were parked in her car joking and getting along when her battery goes dead, no problem, well a sherriff just happens to drive by and sees me with the hood open and asks if everything is ok. She asks for id's and sure enough there is the order. She had to take me in again and charge me with criminal contempt for violating the order. Although it was fine with the 2 of us, the state takes it seriously. Well this put a lot of emotional stress on an already rocky relationship. After several times of giving up, she kept coming back after she swore it would never work. Currently we're broken up but she still continues to be asll close and flirty with me and would be upset if there was another girl involved. However, her and her friend continue to visit these 2 guys when her friend initiates the visit so she can have fun with this guy, his friend puts the moves on my girl. Well, she kisses him and decides its a bad idea, so she says. Meanwhile I'm waiting around for this girl. After all the legal stuff cleared, there was still a mandated harassment order of protection where I cant harass her. We both laugh at the thing however, I'm scared she's going to hold it over my head and blacknail me with it. Shes quick to be pissed off and does stupid things when she does and I dont want to be put in the position to be in legal trouble. However, when I leave her alone...she flips out and gets jealous and I'm scared she'll just blow up one day and do something legally that cant be reversed by saying "oops sorry hun" What would you all do? Sorry for the long post, just you need to hear the whole story. HELP! By the way, she called and asked me to come over tonight as I was writing this post. I have a feeling things will change when that order of protection is lifted and shes left powerless. Right now I cant make a move but suck up to her and give her what she wants while secretly, I'm working to get this last little legal thing gone. Please keep in mind that I had no prior criminal record other than the occasion exhaust ticket. This all snow balled on me in a month. Everything was thrown away but the order was mandated by the state. What can I do...?!?
  17. Ok for the last 6 years I have served as a police explorer in 2 cities near where I live for 4 years in a city nearby my home and the last 2 years I moved to a different group near my home..these explorer groups are volunteer and are sponsored by the Boy Scouts and the local Police Dept's.. Anyways Over the last 2 years the leader of this group has picked on me and held me to a double standard after I was made the leader of the group being I had the most years of seniority on anyone else there at the time..For no reason this person(who by the way is 35 years old! mind you) has done nothing but put me and others down by basically treating us like ****! and he smarts off to us and rolls his eyes at us when he asks us what our career plans are in the near future within the field of law enforcement..he basically thinks we will fail at anything we do..He talks to me like I'm his "whipping boy" so to speak. Several times he has poked fun at me infront of other officers especially on personal issues like calling myself and other explorers gay or whenever I'm seen talking to a girl while working at an event or whatever he puts me down saying stuff like "oh she's just talking to you to be nice to or she's talking to you because she has to or something like that when I don't think that was the case but sometimes its caused me to second guess conversations I've had with girls at school or work now because I have those kinds of messages burned in my brain from this pr*ck!!! I have snapped back at him on these things and I've done it infront of other officers at the dept just to get him back for giving me the same kind of embarrassment(I hold the motto of What Goes Around Comes Around in high regard!!) So what do you guys think..I think its harassment..he says he doesn't do it to hurt our feelings but to toughen us up so to speak..well recently I had an incident where I was cut off by a cop car and asked him would he talk to the officer about it..he proceeds to play a joke on me telling me that they are gonna suspend the officer and everything..I thought this was for real..I wrote a letter to the chief of police stating that he not be suspended and what all happened..then he tells me it was a joke done to teach me to "Keep my F'n Mouth Shut"... I am fed up with this..he has constantly berated me and other explorers with the exception of his niece who he treated with royalty who I wanted to ask out on date and I thought she liked me but turned she was dating somebody and I was told by her uncle(our advisor by the way)..that "oh she just talks to you cause she has to" and "oh you couldn't handle her"(referring to if I had the chance to date her)..I have been picked on all my life until my last year of HS and now on into college because there I am an adult..I have no problems with anyone there they are all very decent people to know in my opinon... So what should I do..I'm thinking of just going right down there and telling him off and then telling filing a complaint with the dept to have him removed from the exploer program... I mean is he justified by any chance to talk to me this way to "toughen us up"?? Phillip
  18. Well it would take forever to list all the reasons I have suspicion of my boyfriend's infedelity,but I really just want to get some advice on the most current. Ok well I have had my doubts many times, and dumb on my part completely ignored my intuition, and my dreams.In the past my boyfriend lied to me about communicating with his ex girlfriend.I would not have been so upset, if he didn't feel the need to hide it.She showed up and I had a breakdown,but continued to see him,even though the trust was not there!So three times in the past week I'd go over,having not been there in a day and two.All three days I found this hair on his bed, which did not belong to either of us, and he insists on saying he has no idea where it came from.How could you not know where hair came from if it's on your pillow,and other parts of your bed,when supposedly no one else goes in there except for the two of you.This is just one incident and I'd like any type of advice,on what might be going on, what I could do to either stop it, or find a way to leave him, and get him to stop harassing me.If there is anyone who would like to know anymore about some of the other things,simply ask.So would you call me paranoid .
  19. So I have a job interview this morning (which I posted about yesterday under the careers section), and an 'friend' of mine through my livejournal gave me advice on what to wear and what makeup to get. So I got it and put it on. I think it looks worse. This is why I don't wear makeup... Because everyone thinks fat women are ugly and hideous, and they look like cows with makeup on. So yes, I think I look like a cow as well. I've never understood other how fat women (who wear makeup and have the salon-styled hair) don't seem to notice how people stare and snicker or snarl at them. Being a fat woman myself without makeup or any other frills, at least more people seem to not notice me, which is what I want. I just think the makeup doesn't make the situation any better for a fat woman. I know what nasty things people are thinking and I don't want to draw attention to myself in any way. So yes, I'm asking for honest opinions here to see if people, men and women alike, are more (at least professionally) accepting of a fat woman who's wearing makeup or are you more disgusted by their face & body when they are wearing makeup? Does the makeup accentuate their size and ugliness or does it make them look more grown-up & professional the same as a thin woman? I really want to know. At my age I've been told to "grow up" for years and "be like everybody else" but I haven't ever been a girly girl or been feminin in the least for those reasons of not making myself look uglier and facing the impending harassment that would follow.
  20. I cant deal with this anymore.... I am 26 years old... I am such a wonderful girl... yes I was a b**ch at times with my bf... we were going to be married this June 10th... he left me 3 weeks ago.. after 6 years together... My mother is an alcoholic.. she has been since 1997... she gets violent and verbally abusive when she is drunk.. I have dealt with it and would just hide in my bedroom after school so she would leave me alone... the cops have been called probably 5 times in the last 9 years.... they all just say to get my own place... I want to have a good life for myself.. I dont want to go on welfare and have no money and not be able to do anything.... I am a casual employee for the Correctional Service of Canada.. I have been for 4 years and I am working so hard to get in permanently but its not so easy.. but i have always been able to live at home while I work.... I have amazing government experience.. and if jobs would just open up and competitions come out then I would be able to get something permanent... So for the last 9 months we have been planning a wedding.. after the wedding I would join my new husband on a base 4 hours away from here (he got into the military 7 months ago). These last 9 months I have had NO PATIENCE for my mom getting drunk.. seriously... I get so mad when she wont leave me alone.. she harasses and harasses me.. My fiance has been away with the military for 7 months.. my friends have all left town except for 1 who usually is too busy for me... so I have just had to put up with this stuff... it really gets to you when someone is screaming at you non stop and putting you down... i have begun to smash things... like frying pans and two weeks ago i ran through a door (not on purpose) and I have cuts all over my arms... So my fiance left me 3 weeks ago... thats pretty hard... my whole life feels like its over but i have been trying to survive... I have just wanted to be left alone and not be harassed and questioned by my mother so I have been in the basement.. watching tv and on the computer... you know.. My fiance left me... Its soooo hard to start my life over without him.. I was going to have everything I ever wanted... I was going to have childen in the next few years.. now its all gone... ripped away from me.... i have nothing and I am all alone.... I came home from work today and of course she is drunk.... she tells me that my uncles mother is dying (she isnt my grandma)... I was like "oh, thats too bad".... I care about this woman but I really dont know her.. I am more concerned about how my aunt and uncle are dealing... so she flips on me... tells me that I am alone now.. and I will be for the rest of my life... she said that I am out of here tomorrow... she wants me out once and for all.. I have NO WHERE to go and she knows that.... she said that she hates my face.... she never wants to see me again... I CANT HANDLE THIS!!!!!!! Its enough that I have been trying to deal with the fact that my life has been shattered.... my fiance left me to rot here... he knows what goes on here.. he has always told me to get out.. but i was waiting till we moved out together... I dont have a permanent job.. I only work until May 15th.. what am I suppose to do? If I had the guts I would have been dead years ago.. back in 1998 I tried to slit my wrists.. I slit up and down thinking that wouldnt work but then I find out if I had of cut something that would have been worse.... I have taken a load of pills before but not enough to seriously harm myself.. I am scared to die.. TERRIFIED ... BUT I DONT WANT TO BE HERE ANYMORE... My mom said that at 4pm tomorrow she will have the cops here and I must pack my bags and get out of this house and her life.. She is drunk.. she has said things before.. but never follows through but she is serious... I am SOOOOO alone.. I have no one.. I have no where to go.. I have a two cats and a job until May 15th... Can I please just go to sleep and never wake up again... If I could find someone to take care of my cats and make them happy then I would gladly die in my sleep.. I dont want ot be here... As I write this she is screaming at me to start packing my things because I am OUT tomorrow at 4pm
  21. Hi,I was raped a year ago by what is now my ex boyfriend.He aslo controlled hit me,as well as sexually tourturing me.I want to report him but I don't know if I can now since it has been a year.I don't know where to go or what to do.He has been harassing me lately and I fear for my life.I constantly watch my back.I need help and I want him put away but I am not sure if they can lock him away because I don't know if they have a limit on when to report rape.I am 16 now but I was 15 when he did it.He was 17 and is now 18.Please help me I need answers.
  22. I filed for a restraining order from an exboyfriend who has been threatening me and threatening to send naked pictures of me all over. It was just approved today and is being sent to be served to him. He is harassing me really really bad tonight, and im just wondering how long until the restraining order is in affect? Will it not be until after the court date? Or is it when he gets served?
  23. I hate this...my BF badgers me about past relationships...or lack really of. He wants to know about how I was sexually harassed by a friend. I DO NOT want to name names about the old friend that harassed me...I do not want to talk about past relationships. Am I alone with this feeling that sort of thing in the past is best not told? I just get flashbacks about everything and it upsets me. I do not feel comfortable talking about who I've made out with...kissed...etc. It's just not something that is comfortable talking about...and my BF does not understand that. I feel like a fool talking about it...I just do not want to talk about it or anything! My BF will ask about it and I just flat out refuse to talk about it and he tells me that I never open up to him. He then won't drop the subject. I dunno what to do about it because he'll do it every once and awhile and it irritates the heck out of me. I decided I don't want to see him today because he just made me so mad last night with the pestering. Sometimes I think I was better off alone where I did not have to talk about past relationships and that sort of thing. Help? I pretty much think I am a horrible GF that just can't communicate with my BF....all because I refuse to talk about my past.
  24. so wow do i need to vent. Four and a half months I broke up with my bf because he was a pathological liar (after 2.5 years). It was has been devasating, but I followed the healing process religiously. He, on the other hand has unfortuently gone from being a happy, healthy person, to forming a nice little drug n' alcohol addiction. It is very hard to deal with. Lately I've been wishing we cuold stay friends - but after this weekend I now know it's impossible. Theres been a few incidents, but unfortunetly I've now pressed charges on my ex for harassment and uttering threats. Meanwhile he's still attempting to get me back, tells me he loves me, etc. then goes out, gets drugged up, and does something awful to me. Anyway - I am absoloutely distraught. The man whom I once had a beautiful relationship has completely changed, and I've tried so hard to put myself first...but this stress has just been too much. I feel as though I'm breaking down. I don't know what to do anymore - today, writnig my statement for the police I absoloutely lost it. I just can't take this anymore. He is this problem that just won't go away, and he's really dragging me down. I was so in love with him, and have contemplated taking him back many MANY times....but thankfully I've kept a somewhat level head on my shoulders. Any words of wisdom would be lovely.
  25. My sister was going out with this guy for 2-3 years, and they finally broke up because he beated on her and my 2 nephews. And now he is after me!! I was walking to my friends house and I looked inside a clothing shop and there he was! Standing right there, I had a panic attack and started running, when I got to my friends I told her all about it and she said that maybe he was there with someone. But on the way home I was being very careful and looking out, but I wasn't looking from behind and he grabbed me and started touching me in places I didn't like anyone touching me accept my boyfriend and he started kissing me and putting his hands down my pants, up my shirt, etc. No matter how much I tried pulling away and told him to stop I couldn't and he would not listen. I threatened to tell my parents, my sister, and my whole family about him doing what he was doing to be but he said that he would kill my sister and nephews if I ever told anyone. But I have told someone, and that someone was my boyfriend, and he said that if he ever see's him that he will kick his *beep*, but the thing that I cant get him to understand is that if he ever did that my sister's ex would kill my sister and nephews, and now maybe even my mom, dad, and ME! What should I do? I NEED HELP!!!!
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