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We've dated twice but we didn't have strong feelings for each other, until half a year later. We were dating other people and were merely just friends, but the four of us were in one big group. Stuff happened and I lost my girlfriend and soon after she lost her boyfriend all through internal conflict. Me and her were both mad at the other two people and they were mad at us, so me and her got together as friends with benefits. About a week later she and her boyfriend got back together but we were still FwB in secret. Along the span of a month or two she began to have feelings for me, and she even said she loved me more than him because i was giving her more than what he was, she even said she wanted to marry me. Then we started doing more together such as dates and hanging out in private, but then she started to pity him saying "i cant do this to him anymore" and is going back to him even though she loves me more. So she ended it between us not too long ago but i'm falling apart without her and i know she is the one for me and that we're perfect for each other. So how do I get her back?

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She already picked the other guy..


She is cheating on her boyfriend with you. Her saying she is having feelings is a lie because she wants to make herself feel less Guilty of what she is doing right now.


Block all communication with her. Give yourself time and start dating again.


Find a woman with better character that doesn't cheat. Good luck.

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