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HELP! My mother won't take no for an answer!


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My mother and I have just bought a house together for me and my partner to move into. So after we have decorated, I have told her we will take her and her partner for a meal and have a separate house warming for friends only.

The only trouble is, she has decided to invite herself. She's decided she wants to bring drinks and maybe some food for everyone.

I wouldn't mind but I cannot handle her after she has a drink. I love my mum to bits but she can't handle her alcohol and tends to be quite nasty and fall around etc.

Can anyone suggest how to get out of this apart from cancelling the whole night? Thankyou xx

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We bought the house together after my nanna passed. Half of the house is mine and I have paid for including all the decorating...i have set out a different night for her?

It's not just that...she has a reputation with my friends after they've seen how she is after a drink.

I have lived on my own since I was fifteen for our relationship to work as her drinking lead to fights when I was younger.

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It sounds like this is the beginning of what's to follow, in other words you'll be at her mercy. I'm not putting your Mom down but I'll just say, get used to it. Just my opinion...


As for the housewarming, I'd say what I mean and mean what I say.


yeah, she'll feel entitled to x, y, or z because she put down half the money......

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