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Shall I say we cant be friends/Ex makes contact


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Hi Guys, Looking for some advice before I do it, massively Long story short...


My Ex broke up with me 2 months ago, Got with someone else within 1.5 weeks. A rebound it seemed, someone from her past. We continued to have minimal contact, never really positive though. She has played a lot of unblocking/blocking/adding games across social media. She's 22 I'm 24.


2 weeks ago she rang me twice, missed calls. I text her and she made up 3 different reasons about why she contacted. But also confirmed she's still with her boyfriend.


So now to this week, on wednesday I notice im unblocked on whatsapp (can see her pic and not grey any more!) Make no contact. Suddenly later she requests to follow me on Twitter and instagram. I accept but make no contact. She then rings me later in the day...I missed the call. I text her why? She said because I haven't followed back...Seems to be she was interested.


We spoke a bit, even discussed meeting for a drink, to the point of saying where...Then she said she's not sure how she feels about everything so no basically. Said no without saying no.

We continued to speak a bit yesterday...to be honest she said I dont want to lead you on, I said what do you mean you dont know how you feel? is it about your ex boyf and she said "Stuff in general, and you, and no I know im not getting back with him".


I sent another text just saying like okay I'll stop talking then if you dont want to lead me on, Was glad you got in touch tho, quite generic.


She said "Like I say I dont want you thinking im leading you on and wanted to be friends". The dreaded Friend zone.


So i said "Ahhh ok, so you're just set on friends then" and she put "Dont spoilt it please".


Thats the last contact. What the hell!


Do you think she broke up with her boyf, jumped back to me getting in touch then thought better of it? I did say in one of the earlier texts to her "ringing me seems like your interested, I doubt you follow up every follow request with a call lol".


I cant just be friends with her though. I love the girl to bits so the reason I didn't follow back is I don't want to be seeing her going out or with other dudes if they came up etc. Also I want to talk but if I just get the "I dont want to lead you on" stuff then thats no good. Whats weird is she came to me! Would understand if I went to her.


Do you think I just need to be blunt and say look I cant just be friends, will leave you to it kind of thing?

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Why are you playing the games? Block her on EVERYTHING, get a new number if you need to and do not talk to her again. She dumped you, humped some guy for a bit, dumped him and is now trying to be friends?


Tell her straight up...'There aint no friendship here, stop contacting me so I can get over you and find someone better, which shouldn't be too difficult considering...' Then go NC and never go back there again.

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