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change change change.. overhaulin'


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So, i've been thinking. I post here a lot, most of which end up just musings rants, and like others, proclamations of love. (GOD I STILL THINK ABOUT HER)


Anyway, my ex was a big health nut, and a lot of our arguments stemmed from me resisting her suggestions to lead a healthier life, share a better life with her yada yada yada. And i was thinking. I wanted to share a similar life with her but on my own pace. WHen we broke up, i started realizing a lot of what she wanted/ was doing, is something that I also am really curious to do.


So i am deciding to shed off a bit of my old ways. Listen to her (and other people) and do better. I know it's late. She's gone for good. And it was great. we had a good run, but we were too different, etc etc etc. Not going to wallow on it on this post. this is about change!


Anyway, i started a few things. My friend calls it the Spaghetti trick. Throw a bunch of things on the wall and see what sticks.


Physical Health:


1) bought a used but really nice road bike. I've always liked riding and decided to ride. So far, i've been good with the time i wake up and do a decent ride time in the morning. If I don't i do several pull ups at home, and a quick set with the kettlebells.


2) yoga: I scheduled and purchased a month of unlimited yoga classes. I kinda feel if my ex and a bunch of other people swear by it, 30.00 a month unlimited classes don't sound too bad to try it out.


3) Diet: I've been good with my diet, or at least better. I've been practicing portion control hahaha. Also, i've been choosing the kind of food i eat (more veggies) etc. I do not intend to follow some restrictive diet (Mmmm pork) but i think at least watching and cutting down on processed foods can help. I'm trying to get my friends to do a 3 day juice cleanse with me, but that'll take a little bit of convincing.


Mental Health:


1) i signed up for a life coach (funny she did this too) and spoke with a nutritionist to sign up on goals for healthy living.


2) I scheduled sessions with a therapist (too bad, i can't schedule anything sooner coz of insurances) in October. I just want to top my mental health off, see what went wrong with my previous relationships and see what direction i want to do with my life. I don't want to live for my relationships but rather, i want to start to live for myself instead of basing my life direction from my relationships.


3) i signed up for the local community college for beginner classes in ASL (american sign). I already have a master's degree and just kinda want to know and learn new things. I was looking into other classes like computers but none fit my current work schedule.


4) i found out that the buddhist temple is 2 blocks away from my work and they give free meditation classes on wendsdays. When my schedule clears up, i'm definitely gonna take advantage of that.


5) i also started doing little terrariums. I think it's great. Little pots with little greens and my own version of models (i do star wars). It's pretty dope.


Social life


1) i'm really trying to spend more time with my friends and family. That's it here.


2) i play for a local pool league and it's something i really want to keep going. Pool has been part of my childhood and it keeps me grounded.


3) i also dabble in photography. Like, i don't have any special processing programs but my DSLR and instagram are sufficient as of now. It gets me out of the house and into places i can take cool shots.


GET ALL THE PUPPY CUDDLES. I've dogs so, keeping them company and happy makes me happy.


Ex girlfriend who? HAHAH. just kidding. She's cool.

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Basically you're using the distraction method. You've filled up your day so much you don't have much time to think about your ex. I would add that as you stroll around the city, don't forget to speak to people, especially pretty girls. I'm not saying hit on them, but you could ask to take pictures of them if they're wearing a particularly nice outfit. You might even have some business cards printed up (Staples will do them as cheap as $5, VistaPrint online will do a nice card for $10) and hand them out to the people you shoot. You might catch the attention of someone nice. This will do a lot more for you than counselling or learning yoga.

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