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On a very typical Sunday just 2 days ago I was on my way to Church, which is a reasonably long distance from my home. On the way there I passed through my nearest large town and that's when everything changed from normal to horrifying. Just a few seconds or moments to me travelling there a young man leapt from a car park in front of me and committed suicide. I was fortunate, if there is such a thing, not to see him leap but saw him in all too clear detail dying on the pavement. I have to be honest I don't even really wish to think nor describe this at all as I've found it extremely disturbing but I think it needs to get out of me. He had 3 women round him from a gym which faces that area and a police officer. In literally 15 seconds of that police were coming from everywhere, then the fire brigade and an ambulance. I subsequently found out that he of course died but, and I barely want to say this, he was clearly fatally injured and dying when I saw it all. Realistically everyone there will have been affected by this but it was just so horrible, so unnatural and that's as much as I want to say. Its just been in my mind ever since. It was just awful.

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I'm so sorry. There is no doubt that this would be a horribly traumatic event.


Do you have someone you can speak to? Your priest? A councilor offered through work or school?


I definitely think a bit of councelling would be helpful. Even police/emergency services people often need councilling for this kind of thing. There is no shame in seeking help.

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I can relate as I was traveling in the first car of a train when someone did the same thing. The blood splattered all over the window I was sitting next to. 4 hours of investigations later, I finally got home. I couldn't ride the train for a long while and I still shudder when I hear the train horn.

I can't imagine having it happen the way it did for you. Just continue to talk about to whomever will listen. The thoughts and feelings will gradually pass.

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