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Met a girl over the summer in June and we hooked up stayed in touch texting/calling all day everyday - her initiating mostly. Lots of sexting and affection. Went to visit her in a nearby city end of July. She lives 100 miles from me. She introduced me to her friends at their birthday we spent the night together at a hotel, had sex and overall it was a great time. She told me I could stay at her house if I come back. I am 34 and 10 years older than her, but that wasn't an issue for either of us.


After I left everything was great - same situation for about a week - she's initiating sexting at night usually, but I started noticing she wasn't texting as much during the day, which honestly I don't need all the texting so it was a relief.

called her as usual one Saturday and the call was just totally one sided. lasted like 5 mins, bc she was eating dinner and had to go - she said to text her, but I didn't and the texting pretty much ended at this point no initiating from her or anything.


Here's the tricky part:


At the same weekend my father was very sick and about to pass on within days and I am constantly getting updates on how bad he is and worried sick. I had told her and she was very supportive telling me to call her anytime and she offered to visit him with me, which I politely declined, but I appreciated the thought. She told me to call her when I was down there. He passed the following Monday and I went to visit family 700 miles away. I didn't hear anything from her. So I text her Weds and she responds quickly and I tell her he passed - she is busy with work, but tells me to call her if I need. To be honest I was too upset and anxious to call her. I didn't text her until a week later at which point she ignored me and I was so upset over my father I texted her back "thanks for abandoning me when my father died I hope I never hear from you again" I later apologized, but not sure she got it. I feel really bad about it. She blocked me from instagram (probably texts as well and I have not initiated any contact, bc I don't think it's prudent.


I'm moving on at this point, but I miss her a lot. Will she hate me for the rest of her life or was she just trying to fade during the week my father passed?

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First off, sorry to hear about your father. Losing one's father is a hard one to come to terms with so I do wish you speed through your journey of grief.


As for this girl: I don't think she'll hate you but I do think she will be indifferent.


Look at this as a one night stand rather then a blossoming romance. I'm thinking she wasn't all that keen to continue on (regardless of whether or not you lashed out at her). It was just a hook up view it in that light and change the subject of her if she pops into your mind. Soon enough you'll also be indifferent.

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I just think that dating by texting is a really bad idea. You're basically creating a fantasy in your head that may not exist in reality. It sounds her like the relationship ran its course. You consummated the romance. You can't really have a real relationship separated by 100 miles. Time to move on and find someone closer.

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