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Can a guy miss you after talking for 2 weeks?

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This guy & I started talking, we've seen each other at work before but never really spoke. He started following me on instagram & then we started talking from there then exchanged numbers a week later, everyday for 2 weeks we were talking all day non stop, only if he was busy with work or sleeping & vice Versa. We were supposed to hang out for the first time this past Sunday but we got into an argument Saturday & stopped talking. Can guys miss you after 2 weeks? Even if we didn't hang out? We got into a disagreement once j he said he didn't want to stop talking & loved out convos but this past argument we had on Saturday, he said he'd had enough & was done. But could he still miss me?

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You've been texting (only) for 2 weeks and you've already had one disagreement and one argument without ever even having gone on a date.


Forget him. This is not the guy for you.


Even if you found a way to work things out, it's not normal to have that many disagreements/arguments this early on. It would not be a healthy relationship.


I think you should move on.

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Talking for two weeks isn't enough to form a serious attachment, so while he might miss chatting, it's not likely he'll miss you because he doesn't really know you. I don't mean that to sound harsh, but you've never hung out in person so it's something that will likely blow over quickly for both of you.


What was the argument about? I agree with RedDress that arguing even before the first date is a bad sign.

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Agree with the above, 2 weeks of chit chatting doesn't amount to a lot. And fighting this early on, to the point of him saying he doesn't want anything to do with you, is a very bad sign.


I was a bit confused, do you work together? So do you still see him daily even if you're not texting?

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