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Ex is confusing!! I want him back!!

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so me and my ex boyfriend went out for about 4 months and then broke up for a reason I don't understand. He says he can't explain it and that it's complicated. He strung me along for 2 months after, leading me on making me feel like we were gonna get back together. Eventually I found out he was talking to another girl. We argued and then stopped talking for 2 months. Now he's been going out with her for a little over a month and we started talking again. He cried to me and told me he misses me, he never stopped loving me, he wants me back and regrets the things he's done. The next day he insisted on seeing me. We hung out, where he started kissing me and was all over me. Then he started to get upset because he's cheating on his girlfriend. He was saying "you're making me such a bad person." "I'm a cheater now". But he still couldn't stop smothering me with affection and he was holding my hand and looking into my eyes. I told him I wasn't going to deal with this and that he needs to decide who he wants. He said he couldn't. Later that day I texted him and told him that if he couldn't decide then he obviously doesn't want me that bad and that it's better off if we just stop talking and move on. He got upset and kept blowing up my phone begging me to answer and not to walk out of his life. Then I found out he made his girlfriend part of his 11:11 wish on Snapchat. The next morning I woke up and I couldn't help but text him again. He wanted to see me again. I went over his house, he was all over me again. I told him to stop and that he needs to decide. He said he wants to be with her and be friends with me. THEN HE TRIED KISSING ME. I told him I wasn't up for that. Im not going to be the one he sees on the side while he cheats on his girlfriend. I want to be his girlfriend. I was angry at him and I kept pushing him away from me when he tried kissing me or something. Then he got upset and told me that he loves me and that he wants me in his life. I left to go home and then he texted me saying that he just wants to be friends. I got so angry because I honestly feel like he doesn't deserve either of us. I told his girlfriend what had happened. She confronted him, they worked it out and then he blocked me on everything. I truly believe he loves me but I don't understand why he can't just choose. I know he'll unblock me eventually. He's just mad right now but I really want him back and I want all of this to go away. I'm so attached to him and I love him so much. He's my first love and I know I'm special to him because he's never been stuck on a girl for as long as he's been stuck on me and he's never seen one of his ex's again after breaking up. We've been through so much within these past few months, on and off. I just don't know what to do. I'm not ready to give up on him, I feel like me and him are truly in love but he's just immature and stupid. How do I get him back???

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Jess you are setting yourself up to be a doormat. Don't do it. You yourself said he's immature and stupid. That's abundantly clear. It sounds like you are very young (am I right?) so you are likely going to allow this drama to continue and not follow any advice you receive here...but that's OK in the long run it will just become part of your life/relationship experience. When you've matured you'll hopefully recognize the absurdity of his behavior and won't tolerate it from others as you get older. (I say hopefully, because some women and men allow themselves to be treated this way their whole lives...which is really sad.

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It's not confusing at all, he had someone else lined up dumped you, while in his immature little mind figured he could have you both. There's no prize to be had here.


BTW, What is this (below) supposed to mean?


Then I found out he made his girlfriend part of his 11:11 wish on Snapchat.
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Jess, it's not confusing. It's simple, really.


He wants two girlfriends.


He doesn't "love" either of you. He just figures he's some kind of stud who can have two girls at one time.


Why do you want a guy you know cheats as a boyfriend? I guarantee if he does for some reason make you his girlfriend again he'll cheat on you with the girl he's with right now. Yes, he will.


Please aim higher and want better for yourself. Yeah, I get that you "love" him, but trust me, you can find a better guy to fall in love with.

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@Jesslb wow the first question is how does it make you feel... ? And are you not over him ...? Do you have a low self-esteem ,do you believe no other guy would date you or you don't feel beautiful at all . Sounds like even if he's married to you and does the same thing even worse impregnate another girl and comes to you and cry ,this mean youl react the same way meaning youl overlook and he will come back just to tap tap tap so you will and only be a punching bag for sex that's all and every time you catch him and he plays the role play same storie you telling us crying to you and when he's alone or walks home he's laughing at you (how stupid you are and always youl be dum )


It's up to you be second best

Booty call

Stress reliever

Ten years goes by he does the same thing you remind me o the movie ( the wedding singer) Adam Sandler, drew Barrymore

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