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Read this if it feels like its never gonna end.


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Hi guys.

Just like you are right now, I was researching how to get my ex back, how to stop the excruciating pain in my chest, how to stop reliving every good and every bad moment and ultimately how to stop feeling like i was drowning all day, every day.


I was in a relationship for 2 years and i was madly in love. Ultimately I got dumped. The reason never matters- the truth is you got dumped and it hurts like hell. I lost 6 kg, i was so down, couldn't sleep, could think or talk about anything else. My friends were probably really annoyed.



At one point I met someone else, a rebound basically. I thought I was doing better, i wasnt thinking about my ex and was able to stay in touch with them without it hurting so much. But then the rebound ended and inwas back to zero. My ex kept on wanting to talk to me and I thought they wanted me back but i was so wrong. It hurt like hell to talk to them again and it was a HUGE setback. I was back to not eating and not functioning. I was misreable. To top it all off, i found out they started dating someone new and that was it. I thought for sure it was never gonna end. I was gonna be misreable forever, how will this ever end? It was day after day of just being completely depressed and consumed with thoughts and pain. That went on for a month. (3 months in total because we kept talking, DO NOT TALK TO THEM. You wont hear what tou want to. If they wanted you back theyd be back). I made a dating app but never bothered to reply to anybody or to talk to anybody, my self confidence was at a all time low. I felt myself waste away.



And then one day out of no where i got a message from this person and decided to meet up after chatting for a few days. I went there with no expectations, I honestly just wanted to vent to someone new, I wanted fresh perspective. But then something incredible happened. Chemistry. So much chemistry. Nothing compared to my ex. It was insane and the relationship quickly progressed. We spent every single day together, we of course got into little fights hut other than that it was perfect. It was everything I wanted with my ex with this new person who was better in every way imaginable. My ex of course sensed my happiness and tried coming back into my life with apologies and I completely shut them out. I never think of them anymore when they used to consume my every thought. Im happier now than inever was. I am so in love with my new SO that i feel silly when i think of the countless hours I spent trying to get my ex back and feeling guilty. The break up helped me be a better person as stupid as that sounds to you right now- you will see.


I was you, i didnt have any hope and now im happy. Everything in my life came together. Its bad now but its gonna be so much better. Better than you ever thought was possible. Youll realize how bad the relationship was and plus youll be a much better partner cause you will learn from your mistakes and you wont repeat them again. Youll heal, and youll be brand new. Its seems impossible now, I know.

I thought so to. But here I am, happy. You will be to, soon. Trust the process.

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Nice positive post thank you.


one draw back, what if you've never had bad time with them or have a reason to look back at anything bad?


If they don't want to stay with you by whatever reason, there's enough reason to look back and take it as a message to stay away from them and try to move on.

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