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Boyfriend sent article from a "swingers sight". Asking for a friend...really!


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I'm asking for a girlfriend (seriously, LOL!). A good friend of mine has a boyfriend...they've been together about a year. He sent her an article about ways for her to pleasure him...it was all in fun and in a teasing way. Something along the lines of "how to give the best "B" ever.


My friend opened the sight and noticed it was a swingers, hook up and "free" sex life kind of sight. She's freaking out a little thinking her boyfriend is on a "hook up" sight and looking for "swingers".


I told her that he's probably just looking at articles, and not to be paranoid. But thought I'd come here and get opinions? Guys, does this sound strange or fishy to you?

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Are you sure he wasn't just Googling or received a paid ad on Facebook? I would not be concerned where the article came from right off the bat if everything else is going good. She can playfully say "I read the article. But hey SwingersSite is not exactly WebMD, so should i trust the advice" playfil tone of voice. He may be embarrassed and didn't realize what site it came off of, or he might confess and say "well...i was kinda thinking..."

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Maybe he was on those sight for erotica. They seem to enjoy playful banter. Are articles on better bjs offensive to her? Certainly he wouldn't link the article to a site he was hiding, no? Does she think he's hinting at swinging? If he googled 'better bjs' that type up site would come up, right? Did she try that?

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Well, apparently. She saw the article and saw the link and webpage it came from. The "about us" said something like "we're a site for swingers, sex free lifestyle and safe hookups" so of course she got a little weirded out.


She asked him if he was into the "swingers" lifestyle and he didn't answer her. Moved on to something else she said and ignored her question. I think that's why she's worried.

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I've clicked all kinds of articles without much regard for the source. Your friend thinks too much.


That's kind what I thought. She is focusing on the fact that he didn't answer her when she "point blanked asked him if he was into that", LOL! I told her either chill or to talk to him in person and ask him.

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Sometimes I'm looking up how to make a tinfoil hat and things to do with goats come up. So I'd say it's innocent. BTW just tell her to hang her feet from a ceiling fan and give the poor lad a helicopter.


How to make a tinfoil hat? LOL!


And I think I'll have to look up helicopter, sounds interesting? I know how to do a fancy footwork "helicopter" on a surfboard. Never tried it on a man, LOL!



***aaaannnddd, I just looked it up. I'll never be able to do that or unsee that, LOL!

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