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  1. "Nothing sexual had happened between us but the physical attraction was there in abundance. We did obviously end up sleeping together. " So nothing sexual happened or you did "obviously" sleep together? I'm confused. I think you need to come clean with your wife. She needs to know the truth so she can make an informed decision.
  2. What kind of "help" did this friend give you? Was it financial help? Does he know your boyfriends name or phone number? Does he expect you to be physically intimate with him when the two of you see each other?
  3. Thanks everyone. She told me last night she plans on breaking up with him when they get together next. Thanks for all the advice, I really had NO idea what to tell her!
  4. She told me that he volunteered to show it to her to show her his profile and the fact that he didn't respond to messages, etc. She didn't want to see it apparently. She told me that she got sick (threw up) when he initially told her and didn't want to see the actual profile. She's a mess.
  5. Thanks guys, I have no experience with this at all so I wasn't sure what to tell her. Here's a couple of points to note: -They aren't married, only been together about a year -He set up a profile but apparently hasn't "done" anything yet. He was curious and wanted to check it out. -Having kids isn't an issue, they're both older and already have kids (high school aged) -She said she's not sure if it's something she's interested in. She said she's never given any thought to doing this or being part of this "lifestyle" -I guess there are "rules" in this community...both people have to b
  6. I'm SO sorry, I accidentally hit report instead of "thanks"....MODS PLEASE DISREGARD MY REPORT!!!
  7. You can see my original thread here: As an update, he IS part of swinger websites and is interesting in pursing this lifestyle with my friend. She is absolutely freaking out. He says they can have rules, that he'd never do anything sexual without her knowing about it or knowing the person. He said he hasn't cheated or been with anyone but he met some some new "friends" and they convinced him to put up a profile on one of these sites...so yeah he already has a profile! He said he's been contacted but hasn't acted on anything. She been texting me and calling me, she doesn't know what
  8. I agree with the above. 20 is way to young to settle. You've had a great three years. Enjoy what you had and now it's time to move on. It will be tough, but you'll be OK.
  9. So a bit of an update. Turns out he WAS on a swingers site and admitted that he's very interested in the "lifestyle" and wants her to be open to it. So, there ya go. Thought I'd post an update.
  10. What else did he lie about on his profile. I know people tend to over exaggerate themselves but were his lies deal breakers? I was with someone for just over 3 years and he had two children that were around my sons age. In the beginning it worked fine because I really love children and did wish I had more, so caring for his two children was fun for me. However, I did resent the fact that it was just assumed that I would do everything and I mean EVERYTHING for his kids while he went out mountain biking, surfing or whatever he wanted to do and I was left to take care of his kids (my son wa
  11. I feel ya. I read this and couldn't wrap my head around it. This guy sounds like a real winner, especially keeping them both hanging at the same time. His ex is just manipulating him into being with her that day. Crazy!
  12. How to make a tinfoil hat? LOL! And I think I'll have to look up helicopter, sounds interesting? I know how to do a fancy footwork "helicopter" on a surfboard. Never tried it on a man, LOL! ***aaaannnddd, I just looked it up. I'll never be able to do that or unsee that, LOL!
  13. LOL! Maybe not. They were sending articles back and forth so maybe he isn't either
  14. That's kind what I thought. She is focusing on the fact that he didn't answer her when she "point blanked asked him if he was into that", LOL! I told her either chill or to talk to him in person and ask him.
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