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Is it bad that I'm talking to a guy that my husband's co-worker and a friend but

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Okay so long story short this guy I was talking to (let's just call him jimmy lol) my husband think that "jimmy" likes me and wants to do things to me or something but to me I don't think so or maybe I'm just blinded but my husband is so bothered that I talk to this guy and want me to stop talking to him, should I stop talking to this guy because my husband asked me to or just keep talking since I didn't even do anything?

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Talking how? Talking as in you walk past Jimmy on your way to pick up your husband and say, "Hi Jimmy, how's it going?" And Jimmy says, "Fine, you?" then nods briefly and goes about his work.


Or talking as in Jimmy calls you late at night on some pretext and you two jabber away like high school students until 2:00 a.m.?


Put another way, imagine the most attractive female coworker your husband has or even put someone in there that you know is hot, and imagine your husband talking to her exactly like Jimmy talks to you. Would you be okay with that?


There's your answer.

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No just talking on the phone like just texting. Never hung out or anything like that. Just friendly talk


Why do you even have your husband's co-workers phone number?


Yes I think your husband has a right to be annoyed, it looks very disrespectful to be texting his co-worker and I imagine this guy thinks he has a chance with you.


I'm all for living your life and not getting jealous or possessive but I think this crosses the line. Stop texting him, delete his number and apologise to your husband. If you're bored find a hobby to make friends. I think affairs can easily start from this kind of possibly innocent (at least on your part) interaction. Even if this guy was gay, I just find it odd that you are texting his co-worker and have his number.

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You're talking about texting and possibly calling this guy, right? I was in the exact same situation as your husband a couple years ago. YES, it is bad, and eventually went a lot farther than innocent banter. Most friendships, even with women, end up talking about relationships and other intimate stuff you should NOT be telling another man. You gotta realize its not like you developing a relationship with YOUR coworker, that you can take responsibility for and can quit or whatever if it goes too far. This is a man your husband can't get away from without quitting himself. You're "crapping in his bed" so to speak. I'm sure your husband knows this guy well enough to know his intentions.

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