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any advice. confused between two guys


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So I have a friend lets call her mia. Mia is in college and dated a guy from a band. They were really in love but she thought he is cheating on her and broke up with him, by the time she knew he is innocent she had liked his friend lets call him jake. Jake and her ex are in the same band too. Anyway her ex didn't make any trouble for them and they dated but all mia was feeling for jake disappeared when she knew her ex was innocent. so she left jake. One year later she got back together with jake but jake turned out to not be romantic nor caring and bad to her Friends and his Friends. But she lost her virginity to him and was so caught up with so she didn't leave him. Until she met a guy lets call him mark. Mark is caring and nice and romantic. When she met mark she lost all her emotions for jake. She decided to leave jake but someting inside doesn't allow her not love, ( she doesn't yearn or miss him or etc...) but lately her feelings for mark are growing and she can't be with jake but can't leave him cuz he is going through bad times. I know its confusing but please help what can she do. I am not this type of person and am being unable to help. So please any advice

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Are you still with your bf? Are you still fearful of having sex in the dark? Are you interested in either of these guys?


Your friend need to decide between mark and jake or they just don't care that she sees both of them because none is exclusive. Are her ex jake and mark all in the same band? Does she have to see them at work school or band practice?

I have a son and my boyfriend and I been together for a long time. My son loves him so much and calls him dad and my bf loves being his father however since my bf is younger than me I feel guilty for making him a father at a young age. However my son lately is crying feeling like his father would leave him because he over heard us fighting about the fact that I don't treat him like a rightfull dad to my child even though my son is registered under his name. We talked to our son but he is being a little clingy about his father and I feel bad I really want to make my son feel like we will never leave him and I want to make my bf feels like I do appreciate him and take him as the father of my child so what do I do
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Im still with my bf and actually my fear of darkness is going away since I started therapy. No I don't like any of these guys I barely know them. Mark and jake are not in the same band but yes she does have to see them because jake is my bf friend, and mark is her coworker. Thanks for reply

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