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After 2 happy years, she says she needs some space

Donald Plozha

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"... me and her have been talking of leaving together for Germany and start living together there and she has been very enthusiastic about this. She agreed with this plan, she even entered a German course to start learning German and this is about the only plan me and her have both long talked about and agreed on so many things"


Again, leaving aside the yelling for the moment, what is concerning is that you were going to whirl this girl away to Germany with you, presumably without telling her parents?


I repeat, Donald, she needs to live her own life and it looks like that is what she is contemplating (very sensibly IMO). So much can change in a year, two years. Maybe go to Germany yourself, if that is your dream, get work and get settled there.

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OP, all you can really do is respect her request for space.


Despite what you feel about her, the key element here is that she isn't so sure that this is what she wants anymore. She sees that you have plans for a future that she just isn't ready for. Like it or not, her family is important to her and she clearly isn't going to go against their wishes any time soon.


I don't think anyone would fault you for wanting to be integrated into your girlfriend's life, but you can't force it on her. You are always free to leave the relationship, too, Her telling you she wants space is a very strong indication that she is feeling very uncomfortable. As I said before, I would start preparing yourself for a break-up. I think that's the most likely outcome here.

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