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Opening an old wound


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I learned the negative influence in my daughters life is her step mother. I got upset when asking her father questions he refused to answer. They refused visitation. They have been blocking and interfering in my visits. I'm filing a contempt of court motion.


I attempted to discuss a change with her father. I asked for one overnight day a week. He said no. So court it is. I showed up at her game just so I could talk to her. I explained to her what my plans are, she smiled despite tring to look upset with me. They immediately began asking her what I said. Poor girl.

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Absolutely go to court Jetta and tell them he's denying you your rights document absolutely everything. Document every time he won't let her see you when it is your turn. Document every point at which they are trying to turn her against you. They're doing her no favours but increasing her problems.

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