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  1. My husband and I have come to the decision that we will be adopting our great nephew in about 3 years time. My mom and step dad said that is about how long they can hang in to raise him. He will get closer to us more and more as the time gets closer. When he comes to us he might be about 4 years old .
  2. Ive been talking to this girl for about 2 months now and are both into eachother. But the last few days she has been not herself and seams really blunt with me. I think its from me smoking more reguarly. I met her two days ago; everything was fine and today it has all crashed down. I asked her whats wrong and she just explained she was going through some stuff w her step dad, and that 'i dont think im what you need rn' implying something, but cant get my head around what. I dont know where her head thruthly is atm but I want things to go back to usual. All im asking is for somebody else's opin
  3. I’ve recently started dating the same guy I dated when we were 13. We are 20 now and I have a child. His ex and him are expecting a baby in February. When we started to talk again we felt a really strong connection between us like nothing changed over the 7 years apart from each other. Every time I try to figure out what’s in the best interest for his baby he completely blows it off and gets upset when I worry about it. He tells me it isn’t my problem to deal with because his baby’s mom already doesn’t let him be apart of it what so ever for her own spiteful reasons. He hasn’t told her about u
  4. First a bit of back story. Got married at 18 in 1999 to my high school sweetheart( so I thought). He was controlling in school but once we got married it stopped, for a year anyway. Then got worse. I was isolated from my family, had to get his permission to spend over $100 of my money from my job ( we had separate bank accounts) I was only allowed to have friends that he was friends with first. It was never physical just emotional and mental abuse. I kept thinking it would get better. Fast forward to 2009 and I got pregnant. Thinking things would change I was happy. Mental abuse continued. Fas
  5. My daughter (she's 7) has been struggling a lot as of late - especially this year - about her father. I have her starting therapy in the next few weeks which I hope will help and many around her have tried to help out as well. I've been on a few different forums but they were a little less active so I thought maybe I could get more tips or advice posting here.... Over the summer my daughter stayed with my dad and my step-mom where she was introduced to one too many truths about her father. He has never been in her life and he claims that she isn't even his and wants nothing to do with her
  6. My son is turning ten in just about two months, he has changed so much in the past little while he went from a caring helpful boy to this know it all who wont take no for an answer, he talks back says mean things bosses his cousins around has to have things his way if he does not he has a melt down tantrum. this is a complete 180 from how he used to be and Im at my witts end in dealing with him. He is home schooled so he is not in a class room setting he spends time between his mothers house and my home and I gather its happening there as well but to a much more volatile extent for the
  7. I learned the negative influence in my daughters life is her step mother. I got upset when asking her father questions he refused to answer. They refused visitation. They have been blocking and interfering in my visits. I'm filing a contempt of court motion. I attempted to discuss a change with her father. I asked for one overnight day a week. He said no. So court it is. I showed up at her game just so I could talk to her. I explained to her what my plans are, she smiled despite tring to look upset with me. They immediately began asking her what I said. Poor girl.
  8. Short long version 😀 We had dated back in 1987....briefly..I was the one that got away. Devil may care me I left him for another! 2015 after divorcing he Facebooks me and we meet again. I was soooo single I just fell in the deep. Within DAYS we were an item and decided to spend the rest of our lives together. Ya... sigh....I know. We dated about 9 months and to be fair I was horrible. At first he thought I could do no wrong. He was chivalrous, gentlemanly, generous and very sensitive. He Skyped me daily before bed. Send me flowers daily as text messages....we ate out, I met some of
  9. I'm just looking for some feedback on how everyone here would deal with this unique situation. I don't have many people to talk to about this so any insight would be greatly appreciated. Sorry if this is a bit long but I gotta get this off of my mind. When I was 15 one of my grandmas died and because I was the only living member of her blood family left I inherited her house that was fully paid off. Because I wasn't an adult at the time of her death I was told that we would sell the house and put the money in an account until I turned 18. After realizing that I was trying to think of somewa
  10. My wife cheat3xabd left me almodt two years ago. We jave two kids a three year old abd an 8 year old . The 8 year old is my step daughter and ive been in herlife since she was 6 months old. Her dad is also in the picture but it always has been a every other weekend thing Me and the ex do not get along and constantly fight When she left she gave me the kids half the time. Think mainly because she wanted freedom. Now shes downplaying my role both now and before with my step daughter who i regard as my child. When we split i was worried her dad and mom might try to take her but both not only
  11. Hey everyone, I just joined today because I am in a pretty tricky situation with a long background story, sorry for the following essay. (I am 20, My Girlfriend and the girl are both 18) My girlfriend and I met online about 2 years ago, she lived in the UK and I lived in France. I then decided to leave France to be able to live with her and see her everyday as long distance just hurts. Since then I got a great job, we have an own little place and life is great together (every couple has little ups and downs at some point like stupid little arguments). Anyways a reason why we moved ou
  12. I am a freelancer, I work on my own from home. About a year ago some of my family members were looking for someone to do work in my field, but they couldn't pay much. I had some free time and needed some extra cash and agreed to work for a fraction of what I would normally ask for my work. Fast forward a year later, they are still paying me a fraction of the cost, however, the nature of work has changed drastically. This time, something that I would charge over 1k for, I got paid about $150. And that was fine, because I wanted to help my family through a rough time, except that, I did not make
  13. Last night I went to go visit my sister, step dad and mom. This was first time I had gone over to visit since August. I do keep in touch with my sister and step dad. My mom however I don't have much contact because of the type of person she is. She is a negative person and nothing good to say. As I have posted many times before on how I haven't had the greatest relationship with her. So, it has become more and more strained and the less I really do want to talk to her. It was hard enough going over there because I feel regret of going over there last night because of my mom. Knowing that my pu
  14. My boyfriend and I have been dating for a while now and I am starting to feel unsure about our future together because of some issues... He is 31 and I am 20. He was in a previous long term relationship which resulted in two kids. He felt like he was happy with his family, so he decided to get a vasectomy. I feel like I'm missing out because I know that the chances of a successful pregnancy after a vasectomy is low. And I'm worried that I might be stuck being the step mom the rest of my life (his kids do not respect me like an adult and I feel belittled by his kids, assuming from his bad mout
  15. I'm 26 years old and I've been single for 3 since I was 13. Both of my ex girlfriends came on to me so I have no idea what to do now. I went into my Wallgreens pharmacy to get an immunization shot for college, and saw a girl there who had just started working. She had problems with my insurance and stuff, so I had to stand at the counter and just smile and wait, and she gave me quite a few look overs. I got my shot and went there a few times more, always looking for a name badge, but never seeing one. When I did see her though she always gave me the out-of-the-corner-of-her-eye smiles becau
  16. I just had this question, as i feel like im in the dumps right now. My whole life has been bad, from abuse from my mom and step dad, to problems with my sister, high school was no better and neither was college. I continuously have problems with people and i cant figure out why. I dont know if its the way i look because i have had people mistreat me and treat me like crap, but women have told me that i look cute. All i know, is that there is SOMETHING, that makes people mistreat me. People have no faith and confidence in me. If i dont figure this out, ill be a lonely guy forever. As it is,
  17. Firstly, thanks in advance for reading this and any suggestions that might arise and apologies if this is long. I'm 19M, that lives in Australia. I met my ex, Chloe, for the sake of this post, online when I was in Year 12 (I was 16). She was 14 at the time we met and we are about 14 month apart age wise. We both fell for each other hard and started dating within about a month. Everything was so perfect and I'd never felt in love before, so this was a totally new and exciting experience. We slowly became more and more involved, getting to know each other's families, having dinner at each
  18. Hello everyone, I'm hoping that I can get some advice on helping my husband with maturing his emotional state. Very long story short, he had a very traumatic childhood (divorced parents at young age, emotionally abusive mother, loving step-father committed suicide, lost friends to illness in his teens). When we met, it was about a year after his step-father passed away. He has come a long way in the last 10 years and we got married this year. We love each other to bits, but I've noticed recently that I seem to have taken almost a mothering role in our relationship. I've probably noticed
  19. I am just going throw it out there to start I am not sure how to write this sorry if it seems a little rambling. I am a survivor of abuse from a step father for 5 years now 5 years after getting out of that I am kinda looking for a partner but truthfully I am scared I had problems in the past with relationships and just doesn't work out but I try to be up front about my past because it affects the sex life (sexal abuse) so I try to be up front but it seems guys just don't want to take the time they just say they want a relationship just to throw them in there bed and do what they want. I am ju
  20. Last Sunday, 6 days ago, my Dad really unexpectedly passed away. He was 67, he had never been properly sick a day in his life. He woke up on Sunday morning feeling sweaty and breathless. He was supposed to go golfing with his best friend who’s a retired GP, when he arrived in his house his friend checked with blood pressure and heart rate which were completely normal. He was concerned he might have angina, he gave him a letter and told him to go to A&E to get checked out. My dad was so unconcerned about this that he drove himself to A&E. Once he got there he started deteriorating very
  21. hi iv been in a relationship cor about 5 years. we have a really loving relationship and he is a fantastic step dad to my kids from a previous marrage. we have had our ups and downs but last year was really hard with work issues, a death in the family etc etc. I found out in january that he had been talking to other women online. the conversations were sexual in nature and hed did send images of himself naked to one girl. we talked it over and agreed to give things another go. At the time i asked him if there was anything else i needed to know. i found out yesterday he has ran up a fe
  22. I had known this guy for 10 years and always had a thing for him I thought if we got together it would be forever , we did get together December last year things moved quickly I moved in with him and I formed a relationship with his daughter she called me step mum he would tell her things like he was going to marry me. But he would go out and have photos taken with random girls and message girls he knew were interested in him although I didn't think he would physically cheat i would get mad about these things and question who these girls were feeling it disrespected me and it made me feel inad
  23. Well my fiancee and I recently moved into my step mothers house. Everything was good until one day I came home from work and I had a weird feeling. I don't know why but I had a feeling that they had sex. My dad works out of town and it's just my step mother and the kids. My fiancee has never given me a reason to not trust him. I've been cheated on a lot in the past by my ex bf. I questioned both my step mother and fiancee about it and they said no. My step mother laughed when I asked her and said " eww. That is gross Ashley" my fiancee was calm and said he would never betray me like that. I le
  24. So, my least favorite day of the year is on Sunday. Mother's Day. I love my family, and I like getting together and seeing my Mom. But there is one issue, I am the only woman in my family that is NOT a biological mother, and sadly I can never be one However, I am a Stepmom to my husband's children. And I love that role, but my own family seems to believe that that "doesn't count". I love my mom, my sister, and my sister-in law, but it is very hurtful to be so left out For two reasons: 1. It is a reminder of what I can never have 2. They act as though being a step-parent d
  25. My husband is oftern threating me that he will leave me if talking back often and he just want to listen to him and do whatever he says. We got love cum arranged marriage. I did realized that he often say this for the past 3 years as he got very close to his step mother (my mother in laws elder sister) and her daughter who got sons and married now. I really dont know what to do . I can not talk to him normal either and not even a word, if he come home never stays back he runs away to his step mother daughter house saying that he want to be with his step mother and she is everything. Now his
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