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Ok so I am 47 yrs old and have a male friend who is 30 yrs of age. We have become great friends over the last few yrs. However he had starting making suggestive sexual comments and started showing more than just friends signs. We do hang out occassionally and nothing inappropriate has ever taken place. I have really held back feelings that I had started having due to the age difference between us. When I finally started breaking thru and opening up. He had asked me a ? About how I felt, I told him enough to let him know I was interested and then "poof"....nothing. He will text me maybe once a week with an entire different demeanor but still some suggestive comments. I think he is actually seeing someone now but hasn't told me And I believe it started before I opened up. I am really confused over this. I know I'm older and we r at different places in our lives but why would he keep me hanging on a string? This is actually the 3rd time within the past yr for this behavior. I have no plans to even try to pursue anything, I'm just confused. I don't want to lose a friendship cause we do get along great and have so many things in common and share much of the same interest in things. Any advice would be appreciated!


What to do?

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He may just want to be friends, flirt, etc. but felt uncomfortable with your admission of feelings. Just go back to being friends. It has nothing to do with age if this is going on 6562436] I think he is actually seeing someone now but hasn't told me

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Why would he keep you hanging on a string? Because he'd like to get you in the sack one day. That's it, that's all.


You are right that you are in two totally different places in life. There is little to no chance of this ever being anything more than a fling but you already know that.


If you want to keep the friendship tell him that's all it will ever be. But I think you're lying to yourself if you say you'd be content with that. You can't be friends with someone you have romantic feelings for.

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Hopefully you know that his idea of "more than friends" has nothing to do with feelings. In fact, he has been pretty straight forward about what he would like to happen between you two. Since you have feelings for him, taking him up on his offer would be a very bad idea.

You may want to look into cooling this 'friendship' off, because it is not a real friendship anyway, not when he wants to have sex with you and you in turn have romantic feelings towards him. It would be best to focus on meeting someone your own age, who is at the same life stage as you and with whom you actually have things in common, and to let him meet someone his age, able and willing to give him a family and a future.

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