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..* I think something is really wrong with me...what do you think? *..


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I'm not sure where to start...I feel something is really wrong with me.


Like something has changed me


I'm not who i used to be


i'll probably need to take you back about 3 years ago.


i need you to read this thread first:












SO that was what happened 3 years ago.


After i broke up with that guy, i started dating and seeing new people


But the problem is...


I started having serious "jealousy" and "trust" issues with every new guy i date


I would be jealous of my new BF's past girlfriends - any "female" on his Facebook


I would go through his messages and delete any girl that i perceive was a least bit attractive from his Facebook


When i think of his past, where he took his girl to, what all they did


How much he loved her etc...my heart hurts


I made him break his car's window and refused to sit on that car just because they once a girl gave him a BJ in that car


And he broke his car's window and left it un-repaired till date, just because i asked him to.


I won't go to restaurants he once took his ex-gfs to


OMG, you should hear this next one


I asked him if he has loved anyone so much and he said yes, once, 12 years ago when he was a teenager


I MADE him track her down


He took a few days to find her and went down to her office and told her he didn't love her


And i had him record their conversation so i can listen to it







I am so shocked just thinking about all the things i made him do


I feel like there are 2 different persons inside me


This is not me


Seriously, i've never been like this, i was never a jealous type or a possessive type


So i broke up with this new guy as well


Then there were 3 more - which I acted the same


Crazy jealous type of me


And in the end it hurt so much just thinking about their ex-gfs


Like i was living everyday in their past


Like their Ex-gfs were still alive


Now i can't see anyone at all because of this issue i have with ANYBODY's Ex-GFs


I would be obsessed with their ex-gfs and their stories and i was really depressed


The problem is i have no idea what's going on with me


I just know that something is really wrong with me


I tried so hard not to think about any of my new BFs' past but i could not


I get so insecure and jealous and...frustrated


Today, I'm alone, single, and there are guys to talk, who want to get to know me more..


but i'm too afraid to open up and get involved


As that ugly side of me is still there


And it just hurts so bad


What's wrong with me?

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I agree with Capricorn...you need some sort of therapy. This is very unhealthy behavior. Men are not yours to "own" and force them to prove that they love you more than anyone else they've ever been with. You are bordering on very dangerous behavior and you will never have a healthy relationship thinking this way, or forcing your bf's to do these things. Please seek help for your jealousy issues and possible self esteem issues.

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This bf was a cheating jerk. You're not crazy, the relationship was.

Yesterday a girl called me and asked if I were his GF? I said, "Sorry, who are you?" I called her back, we talked, and boy...i thought i was prepared for the worst, but after learning the fact that he has been sleeping with her every single night for the past 3 months
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maybe talk to someone but not necessarily therapy. people go through this all the time. i get really jealous over some of that stuff too, not necessarily the same as you but some things i can relate to. my biggest question would be why you broke up with the one guy that did all of those things for you? if he was willing to do that to his car, delete his friends, and go track a girl down to say he doesn't love her anymore...why let him go? he obviously was understating of your insecurities and jealousy (don't take that the wrong way because everyone has insecurities) so why let him go?

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